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Pre-Employment Application Policy

Pre-Employment Application Policy

Business Affairs and University Services
Date enacted or revised: 
Revised March 31, 2008

All new full-time and part-time classified and unclassified new hires at the university, including Teaching Graduate Assistants, are required to complete a Pre-Employment Application.

Current regular employees are exempt from this process with the following exceptions: 1) when an employee terminates employment with the University for any amount of time and is being rehired into a regular position, a background investigation must be completed regardless of whether an investigation was done previously.  2) current employees transferred into Safety/Security Sensitive positions or that have disclosed a conviction may be required to complete a background check if the background check had not been completed in a previous role.

Current regular employees assigned or promoted into Safety-Sensitive or Security Sensitive positions or that have disclosed convictions may be required to complete a background check prior to completing the hiring process.  For information regarding Safety/Security Sensitive positions, refer to the HR website

Step 1 - All original pre-employment applications (background checks) are processed in the Office of Human Resources.

Step 2 - Pre-Employment Applications are accepted for processing by hand delivery or U.S. mail to the Office of Human Resources, including Teaching Graduate Assistants.  The university does not accept Pre-Employment Applications by fax or email.

Step 3 - Human Resources will fax APPROVED Unclassified Pre-Employment Applications to the Office of Academic Affairs for Unclassified and Teaching Graduate Assistant candidates for employment.  All other approved Pre-Employment Applications are filed in the Office of Human Resources. Note:  Unapproved Pre-Employment Applications will be retained by Human Resources.

Step 4 - The Director of Human Resources will inform by telephone the President or the appropriate Vice President or the Chief Information Technology Officer of all UNAPPROVED Pre-Employment applications.  Note:  The President or each Vice President or the Chief Information Technology Officer will determine any future decisions related to unapproved Pre-Employment Applications in his or her division.

Step 5 - The Office of Human Resources will notify each supervisor, by telephone, of all APPROVED Pre-Employment Applications.

Step 6 - Recordkeeping and Retention:  Human Resources - Recordkeeping and Retention Schedule policies.  Office of Academic Affairs- Recordkeeping and Retention Schedule policies.