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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

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The Office of Research Services and Sponsored Programs functions as the focal point of MSU's research activities.  All grants and contracts using any University facilities and/or equipment must be handled through the Office of Research Services for approval, budget verification, reproduction, overhead rate negotiation, and submittal to the appropriate funding agency.  Upon award, all grants and contracts are administered by the Research Office. The Research Office maintains a library of grant and contract sources and provides assistance to faculty in grant/contract preparation and submittal.

Federal and State of Louisiana Grants
These normally have a pre‑negotiated indirect cost rate, usually based on salaries and wages, which may vary from time to time depending on state and federal guidelines.

Contracts with Corporations and Private Individuals
When there is no predetermined indirect cost rate, the University will negotiate an indirect cost rate.

Subrecipient Monitoring Policy

Time and Effort Reporting Policy
Faculty and employees receiving grants are responsible for comprehensive knowledge of and compliance with policies and procedures for grant management.  Principal Investigators who include students for grant work are responsible for supervising students.  Improper grant management may result in suspension of both current and future grant activities.