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GradAct Exhibits

GradAct Exhibits

Louisiana GRAD Act Report Supporting Documents

Documents in support of McNeese's annual report to the Louisiana Board of Regents in compliance with the LA GRAD Act.



Relative to Part 1
MOUA-MSU-US Army Ft Polk-9-7-2013.pdf
Degree Works Base Proposal.pdf
Withdrawal from Courses Policy.pdf

University Admissions Panel Internal Policies 03-2014.pdf
Applicant Status Summary.pdf
Applicant Status Summary - High School.pdf

Applicant Status Summary - District.pdf
Applicant and enrollment summary letter.pdf

Applicant and Enrollment Summary Report.pdf
Performance of FTF - APSB.pdf
Progress of FTF admitted - APSB.pdf

Relative to Part 2

Applicant Referral Letter.pdf
LSUE-MSU Concurrent Plan - 2.pdf

MSU-Sowela ASN Timeline.pdf
MSU-Sowela ASN Student Letter 2013.pdf
McNeese-BRCC MOU.pdf
MOULSUE 2013.pdf
Transfer Applicant Denial Letter

Fall 2013 Feedback to Two-Yr Schools - Sowela.pdf
Fall 2013 Feedback to Two-Yr Schools - LSU-E.pdf
LSU-E Articulation Guide 2013-14.pdf
LSUE-MSU ASN to BSN Completion Plan.pdf

MOUA-MSU-US Army Ft Polk-9-7-2013.pdf
Sowela to McNeese Transferable Courses - Draft 3-26-2014.pdf
University Admissions Panel Internal Policies 03-2014.pdf

Relative to Part 3
Policy for Program Recovery and Enrichment
MSU Programs with Completers-Projections and SOC links.pdf
MSU Program Changes (BOR Tracking DB).pdf
MSU Programs under BOR Staff Review--13-14.pdf
CAMPP Synopsis.pdf
LERC information.pdf
MSU Distance Ed Programs CRIN Review Nov 2013.pdf
MSU Employment 3di evidence.pdf
Hydronomic Simulations--CPPJ Project.pdf
City of Lake Charles Public Tree Inventory.pdf

Office of Research and Sponsored Program projects that impact SWLA.pdf

Relative to Part 4
McNeese Out of State Tuition 14-15.pdf
SREB Tuition 2012-13 Mar2014.pdf
Tuition and Fee Increase 2013-2014 Final.pdf


Applicant and Enrollment Summary Memo--CPSB
Applicant and Enrollment Summary Report--CPSB
Applicant Referral Agreement--LSUE
Applicant Referral Agreement--SOWELA
Applicant Status Summary--High School
Applicant Status Summary--School District
Applicant Status Summary Letter--School District
Fall 2012 Feedback to LSUE
Fall 2012 Feedback to Sowela
FTF Performance Memo--CPSB
FTF Performance Report--CPSB
IIEC Activity
McNeese-LSUE Course Evaluation Index 2012-2013
McNeese-Northshore 2+2 Vet Tech Program
McNeese-Sowela Cross Enrollment Agreement--Rev 4-1-13
Proposed Withdrawal Policy Change
Sowela to McNeese Transferable Courses--Listing for Brochure
Transfer Applicant Denial Letter
University Admissions Panel Internal Policies--2-2013
Fee Schedules Approved


Admissions Panel Guidelines
Applicant Status Summary--Example 1
Applicant Status Summary--Example 2
Applicant and Enrollment Letter--CPSB
Applicant and Enrollment Summary Report
Feedback to High Schools--Letter (CPSB)
Feedback to High Schools--Progress of FTF Admitted in Fall
Admissions Panel Questionnaire
FTF Admission Denial Letter
Applicant Referral Agreement--Sowela
Applicant Referral Agreement--LSU-E
McNeese-Sowela Articulation Agreement
McNeese-Sowela Course Equivalency Index
Feedback Report to Sowela
Feedback Report to LSU-E
Course Equivalency Index with LSU-E (2012)
Policy for Program Recovery and Enrichment
Academic Advisory Council Minutes--March 26, 2012
Center for the Advancement of Meat Processing and Production (CAMPP)
Louisiana Environmental Research Center (LERC)
Small Business Development Center Data
SBDC Support Letter for Regional Workforce Initiative
2010-2011 Program Actions
Proposed Non-Resident Tuition Schedule (2012)