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Financial Aid Standards

Financial Aid Standards

Academic and Student Affairs
Date enacted or revised: 
Summer 2005
To be eligible for university assistance, a student must meet minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress.  Satisfactory Academic Progress is defind as passing a required number of hours and achieving a required grade point average during an academic year while pursuing a degree. program.  Students who are repeating classes which they have previously completed with an "S" or a grade of "C" or above may be declared ineligible for federal student aid and may be subject to repayment of funds received.  This decision is at the discretion of the Director of Financial Aid at McNeese.  In order to be eligible for university assistance at McNeese State University, a student must:
  1. Be eligible under the minimum standards of academic rules and regulations of the University of Louisiana System Board of Trustees for State Colleges and Universities as stated in the current standards of progress regulations.
  2. Be making Satisfactory Academic Progress toward the course of study a student is pursuing as defined by current minimum satisfactory standards.
  3. Meet minimum satisfactory standards based on an academic year- fall, spring, and summer (if applicable) semesters.
CLASSIFICATION- AT BEGINNING        TOTAL HOURS                                                                   TOTAL HOURS COMPLETED                               ACADEMIC YEAR GPA *
OF THE AWARD YEAR                           ATTEMPTED IN THE AWARD YEAR                             IN THE AWARD                                                           (Fall, Spring, & Summer)
FRESHMAN                            6 or less                               Must earn all pursued                       2.0
                                              7-9                                            6                                              2.0                                                                                    10-12                                          9                                              2.0              
                                             13-15                                 12 (9 hours if attending one sem.)        2.0                                              16-21                                 15 (9 hours if attending one sem.)        2.0
                                             22 or more                          18 (9 hours if attending one sem.)        2.0
SOPHMORE,                           8 or less                             Must earn all pursued                         2.0
JUNIOR, SENIOR                    9-11                                           9                                             2.0                                     & GRADUATE                        12-14                                          12                                            2.0       
                                              15-17                                 15 (12 hours if attending one sem.)      2.0
                                              18-23                                  8 (12 hours if attending one sem.)       2.0
                                              24 or more                         24 (12 hours if attending one sem.)       2.0
*Academic GPA is determined by adding the total quality points for the academic year and dividing them by the total number of quality hours as determined by the Registrar's Office.

The above policy applies to all transfer, continuing, and re-entry students for all academic semesters or sessions, including students who have not previously participated in federal aid programs.  Any students not meeting these requirements have not met the minimum satisfactory standards requirements and will not be eligible for any type of financial asistance until meeting minimum satisfactory standards.  The appeals committee decision will be granted or denied.  If the appeals committee denies your appeal, to re-establish financial aid eligibility, students must enroll one regular semester (fall or spring) with a minimum of six hours (06) without receiving federal aid, and meet the minimum satisfactory standards as shown in above chart.

Loouisiana Education Assistance Program (LEAP) - all students (i.e. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors) must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA with at least 12 hours earned each fall and spring semester per state requirements.

Federal Student Loans (Perkins, Stafford, Unsubsidized Stafford, PLUS) - If mid-term grades are reported and the award is made after mid-term and student's mid-term grades do not meet the avove standards of satisfactory academic progress, the Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to withhold the student loan award.  This is in accordance with Default Prevention and Reduction Measures adopted by McNeese State University.

Federal regulations require academic progress to be measured quantitatively as well as qualitatively, and the quantitative measures may not exceed 150% of the time normally required for completion.  To be elibible to receive financial assistance, students are required to complete their degree plan within the following time frames:  (number of enrollment hours pursued at other universities are included)
Two Year Degree (Associate)          100 hours attempted/pursued
*Four Year Degree (Bachelor)          187 hours attempted/pursued
Five Year Degree                            210 hours attempted/pursued
2nd Undergaduate Degree                  60 hours attempted/pursued
Master's Degree                                50 hours attempted/pursued
2nd Graduate Degree                         30 hours attempted/pursued
Teacher Certification                         60 hours attempted/pursued
Education Specialist                           50 hours attempted/pursued
* Based on an average 125-hour degree plan.  Students with degree programs requiring more hours may appeal for extended periods of entitlement.
Students who fail to complete their degree plan within the above time frames are ineligible to receive financial assistance, even if they did not receive financial aid each stemester.  Academic bankruptcy does not affect this standard.

  1. Remedial or Developmental Courses - Completion of these courses is considered in the total hour requirement for receiving financial aid.
  2. "I", "IN", "WN", or "NR" Grades - Count as hours pursued, but do not count as hours earned until the course is satisfactorily completed according to the provisions in the university catalog.  These grades do no affect grade point average.
  3. Transfer students - Transfer students are requred to be in good academic standing at the school from which they are transferring and meet the McNeese Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards during their last period of enrollment.  All previous hours pursued are considered in establishing total remaining eligibility.
  4. Hours Attempted/Pursued - Includes all hours (courses) enrolled as of the close of late registration and in which a grade was awarded (including "W" withdrawals).

  1. Satisfactory Academic Progress will be checked after grades are posted at the end of the fall and spring semesters.  Students not in academic compliance will be notified after the fall and spring semesters.  Satisfactory Academic Progress information is mailed to the student after determination of compliance with yearly academic standards.  Grades earned during the summer semester are no automatically considered in meeting satisfactory academic progress.  In order for the summer semester grades earned to be counted for the student, the student must contact the Financial Aid Office at the completion of the summer semester.
  2. A student who has extenuating circumstances causing the grade point average and/or hours earned to fall below standard may appeal to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.  Examples of extenuating circumstances are prolonged illness under a doctor's care, illness or accidents requiring hospitalization or prolonged illness of a dependent, or death of an immediate family member.  Proper documentation is required.
  3. A student must appeal no later than the Friday following the last day of late registration.  Appeals will not be accepted after that date.
  4. Appeals must be in writing and must be accompanied by documentation.
  5. The Appeals Committee decision is final. Personal appeals concerning the Committee's decision will not be allowed.
  6. A student may not appeal to receive a Louisiana Education Assistance Program (LEAP).
  7. In accordance with Default Prevention and Reduction Measures adopted by  McNeese State University, th appeals committee reserves the right to deny student loan awards.
  8. A maximum of THREE (3) appeals may be submitted to the committee.  After three appeals, a student is no longer eligible to appeal.