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Endowed Chairs

Endowed Chairs

Academic and Student Affairs
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Beginning with the 1999-2000 academic year McNeese State University may award the Juliet Hardtner Women in Science and Technology Endowed Chair and the Juliet Hardtner Women in Arts and Humanities Endowed Chair. These endowed chairs serve as a link to the economic development of Southwest Louisiana by providing future employees and leaders for relevant industries and professions. One chair holder must be associated with a designated discipline related to the arts and humanities and one must be associated with a designated discipline related to the sciences and technology.

Each chair is awarded for up to a three-year period provided MSU Foundation approves funding for the chair. The chair award may be terminated prior to the three year period. The MSU Foundation determines annual funding level for the chair according to investment performance. Should funds not be available, the chair will not be funded. Pending available funding, a satisfactory performance review and demonstrated progress toward meeting objectives upon completion of the third year, the chair holder may apply for a two-year extension, however, the chair holder may not be renewed. After completion of any five-year period, the selection process will be conducted for a new chair holder.


The mission for the Juliet Hardtner endowed chairs as approved by the Louisiana Board of Regents is as follows:

To contribute to economic development: 1) produce higher percentage of women graduates in the sciences and technology or the arts and humanities workforce; 2) provide information transfer to area industries in the designated field; 3) secure grants in the fields of science and technology or arts and humanities; 4) involve the appropriate corporate community in special programs, seminars, and workshops concerning issues related to women in the sciences and technology or arts and humanities; and 5) coordinate research projects with industry.

To contribute to academic enhancement: 1) produce research/published papers to contribute to the fields of science and technology or arts and humanities; 2) initiate special programs/seminars/workshops concerning timely issues related to the sciences and technology or arts and humanities with emphasis on related women's issues; 3) develop new courses specific to women's issues in the field of science and technology or arts and humanities; and 4) secure grants.

To recruit women and minority scholars in the field: 1) aggressively recruit qualified women and minority scholars into the sciences and technology; 2) provide opportunities for women and minorities in the field to benefit from their role in the discipline; and 3) offer unique programs with emphasis on the roles of women in the sciences and technology or arts and humanities.

Procedure for Chair Selection

A national search is conducted to select the chair holder.

A screening committee consisting of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Vice President of Special Services and Equity, and an individual external to the campus who is a recognized expert/scholar in the general field of a discipline appropriate to each chair screens applications. This committee will identify and submit a list of qualified candidates to a selection committee which is named by the Vice President of Academic Affairs for each chair.

Each selection committee, which will select the chair holder, will consist of an appropriate number of members and will represent a diverse population.Selection committee members are appointed from a list of nominees submitted by deans of the colleges that offer academic programs specific to each chair.

The University will adhere to its approved hiring plan. If no suitable candidate is identified, a screening and selection process following University procedures will be conducted.

Chair Holder Responsibilities

Chair holders are responsible for faculty duties in the academic department and are allowed a three credit hour teaching load reduction each regular semester.The chair holder is responsible for developing and demonstrating progress toward achieving objectives for the endowment mission. The operating budget for the chair and necessary board reports must be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Endowed Scholars

The MSU Foundation makes funds available for Endowed Scholar awards pending investment portfolio performance and Foundation Board action. Funds are provided to deserving faculty based on proposal to support retention and recruitment initiatives of the university. Endowed Scholar awards are determined through a competitive process unless otherwise designated by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and dean of the college.