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Delineation of Authority

Delineation of Authority

Date enacted or revised: 
June 28, 2006


Academic Integrity Policy VPAA

Academic Program Review (Undergraduate) VPAA

Accepting Monetary or Non-Monetary Compensation or Gifts VPBA

Admission of International Students VPAA

Alternatives from the ULS Concerning the Transferability of Summer and Fall 2004 Mathematics General Education Courses Taught by Non-Credentialed Faculty at Louisiana Delta Community College VPBA

Articulation Agreement Between Sowela and MSU VPAA

Authorizing Contacts Between the University and a Member of its Faculty, Research, Staff, or Coaching Staff or a Company in Which the Employee has an Interest Under Specified Circumstances VPBA

Banner Finance Electronic Requisition Approval VPBA

Campus Weapons Policy VPSSE

Candles and Open Flame Devices VPBA

Class Attendance Regulations Policy VPAA

Classified Annual Performance and Review Policy and Procedures VPSSE

Code of Ethics Policy VPBA

Code of Student Conduct VPASA

Collegiate Licensing Policy VPDPA

Compensatory Leave for Unclassified Professional Staff & Changes to Rules and Policies VPSSE

Complimentary Ticket and Pass Policy PRES

Consistency of University Publications, Video Productions, Stationery, and Internet Pages VPDPA

Confidentiality of Student Records VPASA

Consistency of University Publications, Video Productions, Stationery, and Internet Pages VPDPA

Copyright Policy VPBA

Disclaimer CITO

Diversity Awareness Policy VPSSE

Employee Housing Policy VPASA

Ethical and Legal Use of Computer Software for Members of the University Community CITO

Faculty Evaluation Policy VPAA

Faculty Workload Expectations Policy VPAA

Faculty/Staff Season Ticket Policy PRES

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 PRES

Federal Return of Title IV Funds Policy VPASA

Foundation: Investment Policy Statement Chairs and Professorships Accounts VPDPA

General Standards of Professional Ethics as Related to Research at MSU VPAA/VPBA

Graduate Assistantship Policy VPAA

Graduate Assistantship Policy-Sports Trainer VPAA

Grant Writing Policy for External Grants VPAA/VPBA

Hazing Policy VPASA

Human Research Policy (IRB) VPAA

Intellectual Property and Shared Royalties Policy VPAA/VPBA

International Student Employment VPSSE

Internet or Web-Based Course Policy VPAA

Internet Use Policy CITO

Lab Instructor Credentialing Policy VPAA

MasterCard Program Policy PRES

Maternity Leave Policy VPSSE

Nepotism VPSSE

Non-Classifed, Non-Faculty Annual Performance Evaluation Policy and Procedures VPSSE

Non-Discrimination Policy VPSSE

Open Meetings VPSSE

Outside Employment and Consulting VPSSE

Policies for Processing Students Affected by Active Duty in the Military Services Due to the Mideast Crisis VPAA

Policy and Procedure for Appointing Hiring Committees (For Position of Dean or Vice President) VPSSE

Policy and Procedures for President and Provost Evaluation PRES

Policy for Class Enrollment VPAA

Policy for External Grants VPAA/VPBA

Policy for Overload Pay for Employees Other than Full Time Faculty VPAA

Policy for Placement of Printed Materials On Campus VPDPA

Policy for Review of Complaints IE

Policy for Use of Campus Facilities VPBA

Policy for Use of Information Technology Resources CITO

Policy on Commencement Regalia PRES

Policy on Faculty/Dependent Enrollment in University Classes/Fee Exemptions VPSSE

Policy on Institutional Policies DIRECTOR OF IE

Policy on Professional Program Accreditation VPAA

Policy on Reorganizations VPSSE

Policy on Student Publications VPDPA

Policy on the Creation of Clinical Faculty Designations VPAA

Pre-Employment Application Policy VPSSE

Proof of Immunization Policy VPASA

Public Forum Regulations Policy and Procedure VPASA

Required Class Materials Policy VPAA

Reservist and National Guard Mobilization/Activation (BOR) VPAA

Scientific Misconduct Policy VPBA

Seat-Time for Academic Credit VPAA

Selective Service Requirement Policy VPAA

Sexual Assault Policy VPASA

Student Employment Policy VPSSE

Summer School Policy for Department Heads VPAA

Supplemental Benefits Solicitation Policy VPSSE

Tenure Policy VPAA

Textbook and Course Materials Policy (initially called Speciality or Customized Textbook Policy) VPAA

Tobacco Use Policy VPASA

Transfer of Credit Policy VPAA

Tsunami Relief Tuition Assistance VPAA

University Drug and Alcohol Policy VPSSE

Videography and Photography Policy VPDPA

Violence Free Workplace Policy VPSSE

Web Policy and Guidelines CITO

Web-Based Course Stipend Policy VPAA/VPBA