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Creation of Clinical Faculty Designations Policy

Creation of Clinical Faculty Designations Policy

Academic and Student Affairs
Date enacted or revised: 
August 29, 2005

Policy and Procedures Memorandum

These guidelines serve to define and differentiate clinical faculty (non-tenure) appointments from the traditional academic (tenure) track.

The use of clinical faculty is most easily conceived in the context of Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code 51: Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, where faculty members are involved in the delivery of professional services to patients and clients.

Faculty Designations:

  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Clinical Associate Professor
  • Clinical Professor

The "Clinical Faculty" designation is given to those full-time faculty members who are essential for coordinating field work and supervising students in the field. Primary employment is typically outside the department, but substantial contributions are made to the instructional programs. Expectations for publications and scholarly activity may be substantially less than that for tenure-track positions.

Recommendations for these ranks follow the same procedure as for the equivalent full-time rank (appropriate professional degree, etc). Announcements and position descriptions must clearly state the nature of these designations. Where appropriate and possible, in order to afford opportunities for promotion in rank, departments may reclassify competitive candidates employed as Lecturers or Instructors who are currently performing as Clinical faculty de facto.

Clinical Faculty members receive usual faculty benefits, and undergo performance reviews on a schedule commensurate to their titled counterparts. Terms for assessing salary increases and promotions, as well as faculty grievance should parallel the system for the equivalent full-time rank.

As tenure is not available in Clinical Faculty tracks, time spent in these positions will not be applied to tenure-track service requirements. Faculty may not transfer between tenure track and clinical track; however, faculty holding a position of one type may apply for a declared, open position of the other type.

Each department that intends to offer salaried, non-tenured Clinical faculty appointments must develop its own written policy statement providing detailed guidelines for all relevant items including (but not limited to) appointment, reappointment, promotion, termination, teaching and other professional requirements. Sufficient justification must be provided as to why existing titles for non-tenure-track faculty are insufficient for staffing and recruitment. The statement should also indicate whether and in what ways current holders of non-tenure-track titles will be eligible to apply for these new titles and the impact these new titles will have on existing positions.

This policy statement is subject to the approval of departmental faculty, department head, Dean of the respective college, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President.