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Academic Program and Administrative Unit Master Plan Policy

Academic Program and Administrative Unit Master Plan Policy

Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management
Date enacted or revised: 
Enacted January 11 2016; Revised July 2016; Revised March 2018


The McNeese State University Mission and University’s Strategic Plan serve as the foundation for the systematic planning and assessment of the individual academic programs and administrative units.  Academic programs and administrative units integrate program/unit goals with the institutional mission and use data or outcomes driven evaluation processes to demonstrate McNeese undergoes continual improvement in institutional quality and effectively accomplishes its mission. 

Planning and Assessment Requirement

The Master Plan Progress Reports utilize appropriate evaluative measures such as student learning outcomes, unit activities accomplished, institutional data or other identified measures of goal attainment to assess programs or unit activities, and determine necessary changes for improvement.  Each academic program coordinator and administrative unit head is responsible for ongoing planning and evaluation of program or unit goals.

The Master Plan Program Progress Reports collectively support SACSCOC Requirement 7.1 on institutional planning and Requirements 7.3, 8.2.a, and 8.2.c regarding institutional effectiveness. These reports document the important work done by all programs and units and serve as evidence that McNeese State University is effectively fulfilling its mission.


The timeline for completion of these reports is as follows:

  • For Academic Programs--data/results for each assessment should be compiled and analyzed at the end of each fall and spring term by the program coordinator.  Prior to the beginning of the fall term, program faculty should review the results and analysis and identify any actions and/or plans for improvement based on these results. The final progress report and revised plan should be submitted to the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness no later than September 15.
  • For Administrative Units--data collection should occur throughout the fiscal year and be compiled with the completion of the spring semester. Subsequent to this, any necessary meetings should be conducted between the unit head and relevant staff and/or division supervisor. Consultation with the SACSCOC liaison is also encouraged at this time. Deadline for submission of report is July 15 for the previous fiscal year.

Further information about master plans and related forms can be found at the website for the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness:


This policy is communicated through the University Policy Page, the Campus Digest, Academic Advisory Council, and Administrative Advisory Council.