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Active Shooter or Hostage Situation on Campus

Active Shooter or Hostage Situation on Campus

Report All Threats of Violence Immediately to University Police at 475-5711 or 911.


  • Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Have an exit plan.
  • Leave the area as quickly as possible and advise others to do the same.
  • If you are unable to safely leave the area, seek refuge in another room where you can lock the violent person out.
    • Be aware that some types of ammunition are able to penetrate doors. Avoid holding doors closed with your bodyweight.
  • Do not attempt to apprehend or interfere with a violent individual except in cases of self-protection
  • The more distance and barriers between you and the threat, the better.


  • Keep distance between you and the source.
  • Create barriers to prevent or slow down a threat from getting to you.
  • Turn the lights out.
  • Remain out of sight and quiet by hiding behind large objects and silencing your phone.


  • If you cannot avoid or deny, be prepared to defend yourself.
  • Be aggressive and committed in your actions.
  • Do not fight fairly. This is about survival.
When law enforcement arrives, remember it will be difficult for authorities to distinguish between victims and suspects. Show your hands and follow commands.

Active Shooter Presentations
You can call the University Police Department to schedule a Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events presentation. Usually the presentation takes 90 minutes to 2 hours.
Reserve your presentation date by calling 337-475-5711.

McNeese State University Police supports Texas State University's ALERRT™ training and programs for active shooters.