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McNeese State University
College of Nursing

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For Program Information:
800.622.3352 ext 5048
E-mail: Sara Dupre
Student Services Coordinator

Health Professions:
Health Systems Management
800.622.3352 ext 5835
E-mail: Amy Bufford
Program Coordinator

Undergraduate Program:
800.622.3352 ext 5821
E-mail: Megan Scott

Graduate Program:
800.622.3352 ext 5753
E-mail: Dena Bumgarden

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Nursing Case Management

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Nursing Case Management

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The Department of Undergraduate Nursing offers a program leading to a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (P.B.C.) in nursing case management. This program offers foundational knowledge related to the practice of case management. It does not provide practice hours to meet national certification requirements, however. Students will be exposed to the different aspects of case management. The program is offered online exclusively.

Note: Even though the curriculum is comprised of undergraduate coursework, students enrolled in the program are classified as graduate students because they already hold baccalaureate degrees.

Prospective Students
A student pursuing the P.B.C. in nursing case management must hold a baccalaureate degree in nursing from an accredited institution and an unencumbered R.N. license. Nursing professionals interested in challenging and diverse roles in high-quality patient experiences and improved healthcare outcomes are strong candidates for admission to the program.

Trends and Projections for Careers in Nursing Case Management
CareerOneStop, a service provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, provides past trends and future projections for the American workforce. Use the following links to explore specific careers in nursing case management to help you determine what path is best for you.

Salary and Benefits

Employment Trends

Occupation Profiles

The following presents estimated, minimum itemized program costs based on in-state tuition and fees. These figures are only estimates of the per-semester and total program costs, based upon the number of credit hours in which a student enrolls.

Expense 3 credit hours per semester 6 credit hours per semester 12 CREDIT HOURS PER SEMESTER
Tuition and fees $873 $1,576 $3,009
Textbooks $150 $300 $600
Electronic Learning Fee $60 $120 $240
Total (per semester) $1,083 $1,996 $3,849
Total program
(based on number of credits earned each semester)
$4,332 $3,992 $3,849

Course Offerings
Each student, once admitted to the program, will be assigned an academic advisor who will assist him/her in determining an appropriate course sequence and load each semester. In general, courses are offered on a rotating basis, and academic advisors will assist students in enrolling in courses in both timely and appropriate sequences. Explore the current offerings.

The curriculum consists of 12 hours of coursework.

NURS 491: Principles and Practice of Case Management
NURS 492: Nursing and Health Systems Administration
NURS 493: Financial Management of Health Care Systems
NURS 494: Managed Health Care Reimbursement Systems

Printable Version of Curriculum

Program Admission
Admission to the Dore' School of Graduate Studies and to the program are simultaneous, meaning that an applicant must meet the requirements of both at the time an application is submitted.

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