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Program Overview

Program Overview

Program Overview

Class Schedule

Although each class schedule will ultimately rest with the professor of record, classes will typically run Monday through Thursday. Class attendance in all classes and class related activities is mandatory and excessive absences may result in dismissal from the program. A mini-break during the session will allow students to travel throughout England & Western Europe.

Student Housing

Each student will be housed in a private room with a built-in desk, single bed, clothes closet, and lavatory. Each six-bedroom suite is equipped with a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. A common student lounge is also located on the ground level. University housing is within easy access to the West End Theatre District, Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery, and Piccadilly Circus, and 24 hour security is provided by the university.

Travel Arrangements

All students and faculty will travel together from Houston Airport and be met by representatives of the consortium upon arrival where they will board coaches for the final leg into central London. Tentatively, group flights for the program depart Houston International on July 7 and return August 7, 2011 (students are responsible for their own transport to Houston). These dates may change, so we encourage you to check this page throughout the semester. While in London, individual student travel will be facilitated by STA student travel; an international travel agency specializing in students traveling within and between countries. Banking (including ATM) is located on the campus.>


The cost of the program is $6,600 (additional fees apply for graduate students) and includes round-trip airfare from DFW (or Houston) to London, tuition, fees, housing, and all program related transportation. There is a $150 surcharge for students taking the Shakespeare, Photography or the Theatre class. Food, additional travel, and personal entertainment costs are the responsibility of the student. "Typical" expenditures on individual food, travel and sundries is about $2500-3000 depending on individual tastes and plans. A $250 non-refundable deposit must accompany the application to the program.

Financial Aid

Financial loans and grants may offset part of the cost of the London program. Students are encouraged to inquire at the Financial Aid Office.

Travel Documents

All students must have a valid U.S. passport (or passport from one.s home country if international student) and an international student I.D. These forms will be sent to all applicants upon receipt of a deposit and fully completed application form.