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Explore a Medical Career - Doctor, Nurse, Med Tech, Rad Tech (Gr 6 - 8)

Explore a Medical Career - Doctor, Nurse, Med Tech, Rad Tech (Gr 6 - 8)

The human body is extremely complex, not only as a whole, but at the molecular level. When one enters a division of the health field, it is important to understand answers to many complex questions.

Do you understand precisely why you:
  1. need to be careful what you inhale.
  2. need to drink a lot of water.
  3. should avoid extreme noises.
  4. have to wear sunscreen lotion.
  5. look in both directions and back again before crossing the street.
  6. do not like the same foods when you are young as when you are older.
  7. people cross their arms differently than others?

As you learn answers to these questions, it is likely that you may realize more fully which branch of the health field most interests you. For example, if you are interested in the mouth: Would you enjoy: cleaning teeth, taking x-rays, whitening teeth and explaining oral hygiene to patients, curing mouth disorders; repairing teeth with fillings; or straightening teeth. Each one of these examples requires a different educational pathway and a different type of expertise. What direction will your take to use your talents?

Instructor Dr. Juliana Hinton
Location Frasch 233
Date Monday - Friday
July 29 - August 2
Time 9 - 11 am
Cost $150/$165 after July 15 (Limit 10)