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Kay Dore Services

Kay Dore Services


At the Kay Doré Counseling Clinic, we strive to offer affordable services to the population of Southwest Louisiana. To accomplish this, we set our fees based on each client's income and household dependents.

Make sure to bring your latest tax return form, we will make a copy for our files and assess your fee at that time. Your discounted fee will be effective immediately after paperwork is completed (same session).

For specific information about our sliding scale and to receive a quote, please contact us!

Individual Counseling

In an individual counseling session, a client meets one-on-one with a counselor. 

Couples Counseling

  • In a couples counseling session, a client and their partner meet with a counselor, often at the same time. The focus of couples counseling is the concerns and issues within the relationship.

Family Counseling

  • In a family counseling session, a client and one or more family members meets with a counselor, often at the same time or within the same session. The focus of family counseling is on improvement of the relationships within the family. All members work together for a greater family dynamic.

Group Counseling

  • In a group session, unrelated people with similar concerns meet with a counselor (sometimes two counselors running group at the same time). Groups tend to meet regularly for a set amount of time and have specific, structured sessions based around a common concern (such as anger management).

Community Workshops/ Trainings

  • In community workshops or trainings, a counselor presents a topic to a group of people about a specific topic. The focus of this is education rather than personal or psychological growth (as in group counseling). Workshops and trainings can be for the public or professionals and can be on-site or off-site.

Common Issues/ Concerns of Clients

  • Though counselors at KDCC provide services to clients with various issues and concerns, our most common are: depression, anxiety, work issues, family relationship issues, parent-child fighting, truancy, self-harm, self-esteem issues, time management, money management, life-transition issues.