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Information Security

Information Security

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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The protection of information resources at McNeese State University is a high priority. The Information Security website is designed to educate the university community about technology policies and information security best practices, and equip students, faculty and staff with the tools needed to protect the information resources of the University, it's members and connected networks. McNeese State University is committed to implementing policies and encouraging best practices that do not impose on the University's established culture of openness, trust, and integrity.

Please read the Policies, Guidelines, and Laws Relating to Information Security.


McNeese will NEVER ask for account information via email. Messages about quotas, upgrades or maintenance are likely Phishing attempts.

Password Day 2014

World Password Day 2014 | 05.07

Password Day 2014

If you're like most people, you've used the same password for years.

Cyber criminals regularly steal passwords by the thousands from the companies and databases that store them. This can put you in hot water if you haven't changed your passwords recently, or use the same password across web sites.

Upgrading your password takes five minutes and can save you hours of trouble dow

Internet Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution

CIS Cyber Security Advisory 2014 - 039 - UPDATE


Microsoft has just released an out-of-band security update for Internet Explorer to address the recent zero day vulnerability discovered . The vulnerability is rated Critical. Exploitation of vulnerability could lead to remote code execution. All versions of Internet Explorer are vulnerable.
Recommendation: Patch immediately, after appropriate testing.
Further info:

Executive Summary

A vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft's web browser, Internet Explorer, which could allow an attacker to take complete control of an affected system. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could result in an attacker gaining the same privileges as the logged on user. Depending on the privileges associated with the user, an attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete d

Internet Security Shouldn't Be A Volunteer Project

The opinions expressed here are not endorsed by McNeese State University.

Heartbleed reveals our neglect of Internet security

The U.S. Government: Paying to Undermine Internet Security, Not to Fix It
by Julia Angwin ProPublica, April 15, 2014, 12:50 p.m.

The Heartbleed computer security bug is many things: a catastrophic tech failure, an open invitation to criminal hackers and yet another reason to upgrade our passwords on dozens of websites. But more than anything else, Heartbleed reveals our neglect of Internet security.

The United States spends more than ... more