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Information Security Program

Information Security Program

Information Security Program

McNeese is reviewing the content and format of the Information Security Program. An updated version will be published on the Information Security website.

The goals of the Information Secuirty Program at McNeese State University are to improve the overall information security and privacy practices necessary to:

  • Maintain the University's operational and reputational viability
  • Support the University's mission to successfully educate students and provide services to the employers and communities in the region
  • Provide guidance that is consistent with the University's core values of academic excellence, student success, fiscal responsibility, and university-community alliances

To accomplish these goals, the University must:

  • Ensure compliance with state and federal laws, regulations, industry standards, and contractual requirements
  • Increase the value of information while appropriately managing risk
  • Promote a risk-conscious and security-aware culture that values the privacy, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of institutional information

These goals cannot be achieved by technology alone. Governance, awareness and training, and other non-technology components are vital to improving the University's security and privacy posture. Similarly, information security is concerned with all information — not solely data in electronic form. It is important to remember that all members of the University community, regardless of role or affiliation use or encounter instituional information.

McNeese's Program is designed to achieve the following information security and privacy objectives:

  • Establish institutional security and privacy principles that guide the behavior and decision-making at McNeese
  • Assemble the existing people, processes, and tools available to assist in achieving these security and privacy objectives
  • Determine the security and privacy risks facing McNeese
  • Provide tools to assess the progress of addressing risks and meeting security and privacy goals
  • Identify the areas where McNeese does not adequately address risks or meet security and privacy goals
  • Create plans for addressing the areas where McNeese does not adequately address risks or meet security and privacy goals
  • Facilitate collaboration to identify effective and efficient solutions
  • Document the University's compliance with applicable laws, regulations, standards, and contractual requirements