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Information Security Blog

Information Security Blog

No phishing
Published April 06, 2017
Dear McNeese Community,
Phishing messages warning users that their email
service will be discontinued unless they "Click Here", have been sent to many email accounts at McNeese over the past 24 hours (see copy of message below).
Please delete these messages and do not respond.
  • Do not click on links or open attachments from unknown senders.
  • If viewing email in HTML format, hover over links to verify the full URL.
  • Consider using a website reputation service (e.g.
  • McNeese will never ask for credentials through email or request verification through a non-McNeese website or by replying to a message itself.
  • The McNeese Helpdesk will not ask for password information under any circumstances.
If you did respond to this email, reset your McNeese password and contact the Helpdesk at 475-5995 for assistance.
Thank you

Teaching, Learning, and IT Issues: Points of Intersection

Information Security

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

  • Lock Down Your Login
  • Keep a clean machine
  • When in Doubt, Throw it Out
  • Back Up Regularly
  • Own Your Online Presence
  • Share With Care
  • Personal Information is Like Money. Value it. Protect it.
The internet is a shared resource, and securing it is
Our Shared Global Responsibility.