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Appendix C – List of Information Guardians

Appendix C – List of Information Guardians


As previously stated within this document, the guardian of a logical collection of information is typically the head of the department on whose behalf the information is collected or who is most closely associated with such information. For each assigned information collection, each Information Guardian or individual whom he or she designates is required to:

  • Define the collection's requirements for confidentiality, integrity and availability (see Appendix D for requirement classifications),
  • Convey the collection's requirements in writing to the managers of departments that will have access to the collection.
  • Work with Office Heads and Chairs to determine what users, groups, roles or job functions are authorized to access the information in the collection and in what manner (e.g., who can view the information, who can update the information),

Authorized users are required to understand the security-related requirements associated with the information with which they come into contact.

The organizational structure below lists information guardians:

Organizational Structure

Office of the President

Dr. Philip Williams
    • Chief Diversity Officer, Equal Opportunity
      Dr. Michael Snowden
    • Internal Auditor, Internal Audit
      Victoria Roach
    • Director, Public Relations
      Candance Townsend
    • director, university events
      Sarah Hogan
    • director, university marketing & licensing
      Virginia Karg
  • Provost & Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
    Dr. Jeanne Daboval
      • Dean, College of Business
        Dr. Musa Essayyad
      • Dean, Burton College of Education
        Dr. Wayne Fetter
      • Dean, College of Engineering
        Dr. Nikos Kiritsis
      • Director, Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Support & QEP Administrator
        Dr. Thomas Dvorske
      • Executive Director, Research & Sponsored Programs
        Janet Woolman
      • Executive Director, Dore School of Graduate Studies & School of Extended Education
        Dr. Dustin Hebert
        • Director, Electronic Learning
          Dr. Helen Ware
      • Dean, College of Liberal Arts
        Dr. Ray Miles
      • Dean, College of Nursing
        Dr. Peggy Wolfe
      • Dean, College of Science
        Dr. George Mead
      • Director, Lether E. Frazer Memorial Library
        Debbie Johnson-Houston
      • Director, Institutional Research
        Kay Dougay
      • University Police Chief, University Police & Inf Center
        Robert Spinks
      • Associate Vice President Enrollment Management
        Stephanie Tarver
          • Director, Financial Aid
            Taina Savoit
          • Director, Scholarships & Career Services Center
            Ralynn Castete
          • Director, Services for Students with Disabilities
            Tim Delaney
          • Director, International Programs
            Preble Girard
          • Registrar, office of Registrar
            April Millet
          • Director, Admissions & Recruiting
            Kara Smith
          • Director, General & Basic Studies
            Alison Blevins
          • Director, Community Services & Outreach
            Betty Anderson
  • Vice President for Business Affairs and University Services
    Mr. Eddie Meche
      • Budget Officer, Business Affairs
        Georgina Heuring
      • Director, Purchasing
        Roxane Fontenot
      • Director, Facilities & Plant Operations
        Richard Rhoden
        • Project Coordinator, Facilities & Plant Operations
          Kevin Martin
        • Manager, Maintenance / Custodial Services
          Robert Prejean
        • Officer, Environmental Health, Safety, & Hazardous Waste
          Michael Rodrigue
        • Superintendent, Grounds
          Wilbert Kelly
      • Comptroller, Administrative Accounting
        Mona White
      • Director, Human Resources & Student Employment
        Charlene Abbott
      • Manager, University Bookstore
        Sharamie Moore
      • Associate Vice President University Services
        Dr. Toby Osburn
          • Director, Student Union & Activities
            Kedrick Nicholas
          • Director, Counseling Center
            Raime Thibodeaux
          • Director, Campus Life
            Dr. Chris Thomas
          • Director, Governor's Program
            Joshua Brown
          • Housing & Residence Life
          • Dining & Catering Services
  • Vice President for University Advancement
    Mr. Richard Reid
      • Director, Alumni
        Joyce Patterson
      • Director, University Advancement Operations & Special Events
        Melissa Northcutt
      • Coordinator, Planned Giving & Donor Research
        Marianne White
      • Coordinator, Athletic Development
        Pam McGough
      • Director, Banners Cultural Series
        Patricia Prudhomme
  • Chief Information Technology Officer, Information Technology
    Mr. Chad Thibodeaux
      • Director, University Computing Services
        Stanley Hippler
      • Coordinator, Tasc, Operations
        Robert McLean
  • Athletic Director Division of Athletics
    Ms. Bridget Martin (Acting)
      • Associate Athletic Director, Athletics
        Bryant Carter
      • Assistant Athletic Director & Communications
        W. Matthew Bonnette
      • Associate Athletic Director, Senior Women's Administrator Compliance Coordinator, Athletics
        Bridget Martin
        • Women's Sports
      • Men's Sports

Additional Organizational Structure

Office of the President

Dr. Philip Williams
    • Executive Director, Research, & Sponsored Programs
      Janet Woolman
    • Associate Athletic Director, Senior Women's Administrator Compliance Coordinator, Athletics
      Bridget Martin
    • Faculty Athletic Representative
      Dr. Michael Soileau
Athletic Director Division of Athletics
Ms. Bridget Martin (Acting)
    • Coordinator, athletic development
      Pam McGough