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​Flowserve is a leading manufacturer and aftermarket service provider of flow control products and services for the world's most critical applications.

Education Training

Flowserve Education Services provides design, planning and delivery of educational programs that help plant operators, reliability specialists, engineers and maintenance personnel deepen their understanding of pump and seal systems.

Flowserve training education programs are ideal for:

  • maximising plant availability and pump realiability
  • Increase mean time between repair (MTBR)
  • Improve proficiency in installation, design, operation, maintenance and repair

Flowserve at McNeese IIEC

​Under a recent agreement to collaborate and share resources, McNeese State University and the Flowserve Corporation established the Gulf Coast Satellite Training Site on the Campus of MSU.  McNeese State University now hosts Flowserve training classes on its campus in a dedicated 1000 square foot facility. 

​The Flowserve Training Room is located in the Engineering and Technology Laboratory (ETL, rm 111) building on the McNeese campus.  In order to enhance the learning experience, class sizes are kept to a maximum 16 attendees per course.

Click on the title of the courses listed below for more information and to register.

    Root Cause Analysis Course

    This course provides participants with an in-depth procedure for performing a root cause analysis using a logical cause mapping techniques.

    Pump systems analysis Course

    This course provides a comprehensive analysis of pump performance and its dependency on operations upstream and downstream from the pump.

    pump and mechanical seal basics Course

    This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to understand the basics of pumps and mechanical seals.