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Financial Statement Analyses

Financial Statement Analyses

Session four of an innovative training program for bankers.

When making decisions about an entity, multiple analyses can be utilized.  Different types of risks exist.  Operational, financial, and market risks are three types among many others.  Can you recognize the differences?  When comparing businesses and even preparing benchmarking comparisons, insuring that apples-to-apples comparisons are being made is critical.  The possibility exists that a company's income statement has been prepared using a tax cash basis while its balance sheet information utilizes the accrual basis. With the training of this session, you will be exposed to financial analysis techniques frequently employed in analyzing businesses' financial and tax information.  Different analyses can exist for different evaluation purposes. 
Some of your clients may collect financial information exclusively for the preparation of their tax returns.  Some of your clients may assemble financial information by the accrual basis.  Also, for some of your clients, the possibility exists that their financial information disclosure is based on the accrual method, but the company's tax return is prepared using the cash basis.  Knowing information from one of these methods, can you determine the same data for the other method?  In this session, you will be able to move fluidly from accrual to cash and cash to accrual.  Specialized cases and short exercises will be used to illustrate the issues discussed in this day's topics.

Instructors:  Dr. Bruce Swindle, CPA and Dr. Daryl Burckel, CPA, CVA

Registration information:
Price: $150 per session
Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover is accepted. For check payments, make checks payable to: McNeese State University.
Phone: 337-562-4139; 337-562-4268
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