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EDA University Center

EDA University Center


The EDA University Center mission is to promote educational collaboration with business and industry and foster economic development and innovation in Southwest Louisiana and the state.


EDA's goal is to work with businesses, industries, state agencies, and the community to identify and facilitate opportunity to leverage the resources and expertise within the University.
The University contributes to economic development through creating an educated workforce, leading innovation efforts, offering professional development and customized workforce development programs, conducting applied research to solve local problems, cultivating a regional innovation ecosystem, fostering student business incubation, and facilitating regional growth and prosperity.
The McNeese Innovation Center is proud to announce the addition of new, cutting-edge technology. A 3D printer, 3D scanner, and 3D milling machine are now available to students, faculty, and local business and industry in Southwest Louisiana to aid in prototyping new products. 3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing in which layers of plastics are built up to form a 3D object. 3D scanning is a process where a laser is pointed at an object and a camera records the location of the laser to build a 3D model. This model can be manipulated and printed or milled. 3D milling is a form of subtractive manufacturing in which layers of material are removed from a block of raw material using a cutting tool.
If you are interested in prototyping, please contact the EDA University Center for rates. Note: The 3D printer and 3D milling machine require a computer-generated STL file. You must have this file already created in order to create a prototype.
Contact: Nikos Kiritsis, Executive Director
EDA University Center
Phone: 337-475-5857
Office: SEED Center 160