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Graduate Assistant - Holbrook Student Union and Activities

Graduate Assistant - Holbrook Student Union and Activities

Graduate Assistant - Holbrook Student Union and Activities

Holbrook Student Union & Activities


Professional and Educational Value

The Holbrook Student Union & Activities Graduate Assistant will work as an additional professional for the Holbrook Student Union & Activities Office.  The Department of Student Union & Activities enhances the educational mission of the University through engaging students in co-curricular programs and activities that promote development in the areas of leadership, professionalism, cultural awareness, (community) service learning, morality, fiscal awareness, social ability, and recreation.  The department provides management and oversight of the Holbrook Student Union Complex’s leisure, meeting, and special event areas, ensuring that these locations are well-maintained and efficiently utilized to meet the needs of McNeese students.  This graduate assistant should gain the ability to blend in with student culture, while simultaneously asserting necessary actions to meet the mission and goals of the Student Union & Activities Office and McNeese State University.

Expectation of Time

Positions will begin no earlier than August 17, 2015.


  • Full out-of-state fee waiver for non-Louisiana residents
  • One-half tuition scholarship
  • $10.00/ per hour, 20 hours per week for 15 semester weeks (in fall and spring); 6 summer weeks
  • Bookstore scholarship up to $400 ($200 for summer session), any remaining balance will be applied to “cowboy bucks” for on-campus meal purchases.


Duties and Responsibilities
  • Assist with the supervision of McNeese student organizations, student life coalition organizations, Greek life and other associated activities
  • Determine strategies for further success in each area and effectively communicate them
  • In coordination with other Holbrook Student Union & Activities Graduate Assistants, helps plan and manage programs conducted by the Student Union & Activities Office
  • Compile assessment data for student life programs and activities
  • Assist with the oversight of the Student Union facility and the implementation of Union technology initiatives
  • Perform clerical office duties as assigned
  • Other duties as assigned


Minimum Qualifications
  • Must be able to adequately fulfill all of the job duties and responsibilities
  • Previous experience and leadership in a collegiate student organization or equivalent affiliation
  • Must be able to work nights/weekends and travel as necessary
  • Must have good interpersonal skills
  • Must be in good academic and discipline standing with the University
  • Must be able to communicate in English fluently
  • At least a 2.5 cumulative undergraduate GPA

Preferred Qualifications
  • An understanding of student activities/student life and its impact in a campus community
  • Experience working with a student government association or programming board
  • Experience creating and evaluating assessment data
  • Experience with Greek life as a member or partner

Application Procedure:

Application Materials and Contact: Please submit a cover letter, resume, at least three references (name, phone number, email), and undergraduate transcript. Application materials should be emailed to:
Kedrick A. Nicholas, M.S.
Director of Campus Life & Engagement
MSU Box 92549
Lake Charles, LA 70609

Additional Information:

McNeese State University, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, is a public university and a member of the University of Louisiana System. Under Louisiana law, applications and all supporting materials will become public record. All applicants are expected to submit complete and accurate materials as specified in the position announcement. A background check and an English Proficiency assessment will be conducted on selected finalists. We comply with Louisiana Revised Statute 49:1001, et seq, and State of Louisiana Executive Order 98-38, which provides for drug testing of employees, appointees, prospective employees, and prospective appointees. Prospective employees and employees are informed if a drug test is required.

McNeese State University is an AA/EEO/ADA employer committed to excellence through diversity.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires McNeese State University to inform applicants that the University can employ only U.S. citizens and aliens lawfully authorized to work in the U.S. Each new employee is required to present documentation verifying his/her identity and right to accept employment.

McNeese State University is a member of the University of Louisiana System. Under Louisiana law, applications and all supporting materials will become public record. An executive session pursuant to La. Rev. Stat. 42:6.1(A) may be required.

Persons needing reasonable accommodations as provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the Equal Opportunity Office: Voice: (337) 475-5428; TDD/TTY, Hearing Impaired: (337) 562-4227; Fax: (337) 475-5960; or