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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The State of Louisiana offers the following EAP programs. Eligibility requirements must be met:

  • LaCHIP: Louisiana Children's Health Insurance Program. No-cost health insurance for children.1-877-252-2447.

  • LaMOMS: Helping Pregnant Women Have Healthier Babies. No-cost Health Insurance for Pregnant Women. 1-888-342-6207.

  • Medicare Savings Program (MSP): Pays for your Medicare Part B premiums. 1-888-544-7996.

  • Medicaid Purchase Plan: Full medical coverage for workers with disabilities. 1-888-544-7996.

  • Region V Office for Addictive Disorders: (337) 475-3100,

  • Office of Group Benefits Health Plan Members ONLY: The Office of Group Benefits offers Employee Assistance Plans as part of the regular Health Plan coverage. See Plan Information for details.