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The History Department offers a wide variety of courses.  European and U.S. History survey courses (HIST 101, 102, 201, 202) are offered every semester.  HIST 121 is offered every Fall and HIST 122 is offered every Spring.

Upper-division courses (300 and 400 level) are offered on a rotation basis; check with the department for a list of courses slated for an up-coming semester. 

Some courses are double-listed with a "500" denomination. They can be taken at the graduate level (the history department does not currently have a master's program).

Survey courses: 
HIST 101: European History before 1648. 
HIST 102: European History after 1648. 
HIST 121: World History before 1500. 
HIST 122: World History after 1500. 
HIST 201: U.S. History before 1877. 
HIST 202: U.S. History after 1877.

Upper-division courses offered recently: 
HIST 301: Louisiana History. 
HIST 304: U.S. Military History to 1898. 
HIST 309: History of Christianity
HIST 320: Women's History. 
HIST 330: African-American History.
HIST 341: England before 1688. 
HIST 342: England after 1688. 
HIST 344: France since 1789.
HIST 355: Colonial Latin America.
HIST 356: Modern Latin America. 
HIST 357: U.S.-Latin American Relations. 
HIST 360: History of Slavery. 
HIST 362: Caribbean History. 

HIST 401: The Old South.
HIST 402: New South.
HIST 415: The American Revolution and Early Nation.
HIST 416: American Indian to 1876. 
HIST 417: American Indian after 1876. 
HIST 435: The Civil War. 
HIST 436: Reconstruction.
HIST 425: Jackson and Sectionalism. 
HIST 440: British Empire.
HIST 450: Medieval Europe.
HIST 451: Renaissance and Reformation
HIST 452: Spain and Portugal
HIST 455: U.S. History after 1945. 
HIST 457: French Revolution and Napoleon.
HIST 465: World War II.

For more information, please consult the on-line McNeese State University Catalog.