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About the Department

About the Department

Mission Statement:

The Department of History provides education to prepare graduates for a wide variety of careers (in education, government, law, research) requiring critical thinking, analysis, and strong research skills that will enable them to become productive and ethically responsible citizens in a multicultural global community and value lifelong learning.


The Department of History offers the following degrees:
  • Bachelor of Arts in History (for history majors and future social studies teachers)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (a broader range of courses in the humanities)
The department also offers a minor in History and concentrations in Religious Studies and Women's Studies. The requirements for a minor in history are 21 credit hours of history, including HIST 101 and 102 or HIST 121 and 122; 201, 202 and an additional 9 hours, subject to the approval of the department head, at the 300-400 level.

Department Objectives:

  1. To broaden students' knowledge of the past and to enhance their understanding of the the present.
  2. To prepare history majors for the Bachelor of Arts degree.
  3. To provide a minor in history for students who major in another curriculum.
  4. To introduce students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies to key concepts in the Humanities and Liberal Arts.
  5. To train Social Studies teachers for middle schools and high schools in Louisiana.
  6. To prepare exceptionally able students for graduate study.

Our dedicated and talented faculty specialize in the following fields:

American history: Louisiana History, Old and New South, American Women's History, History of American Sexuality, Civil War, Military History, Colonial and Revolutionary America, African-American History, American Indian, and Modern U.S.

Western Civilization and World History: Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, Slavery, the Caribbean, and the British Empire.