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Alcohol and Poor Grades

Alcohol and Poor Grades

Poor Grades

You stumble home after a night of serious drinking. The clock on the wall is blurry, but you can see it's 5 a.m. Just as you lay yourself down, you remember you've got a final at 8 o'clock. Now you're trying to cram eleven chapters of biology and you can't even keep your eyes open, let alone remember what the third stage of mitosis is. Good luck. You're gonna need it.

It's a fact of life: when students drink heavily, they have problems keeping up with school work and are likely to start skipping classes. Research reveals the following statistics:

  • 41% of all academic problems stem from alcohol abuse;
  • 28% of students who drop out of school may do so because of alcohol abuse;
  • More than 7% of college freshmen drop out of school for alcohol-related reasons, causing colleges to lose more than $261 million in tuition.