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Alcohol and G.P.A.

Alcohol and G.P.A.

Alcohol and G.P.A.

College isn't supposed to be all work and no play, is it? You can't be blamed for wanting to have a little fun once in a while, right? So why should you stay home and study while your pals are out having a swinging time at all those great parties?

Of course, you need to give yourself time for fun - but not before the big exam, not instead of writing that paper, or catching up on your reading. Research proves that female college students who drink may have more problems with their grades than students who drink less or not at all.

Because alcohol affects a woman's body differently than a man's, your grades and scholastic performance will drop quicker than a man's. This reduces your options for employment and graduate school. Heavy drinking, with its potential for increased medical problems and illness, may also have an adverse effect on your career possibilities after graduation - if you graduate.

Figures show that as the average number of drinks per week increases, your G.P.A. decreases - and, as we've seen, men can drink a lot more than women and still maintain fairly good grades. So why give men an even greater advantage in the job market by drinking your way to a "D"?

A man's "A" level of drinks is the same as a woman's "D/F" level:

GPA males females
Average Number of Drinks Per Week
A 5.35 2.25
B 7.40 3.35
C 9.19 4.13
D/F 14.56 5.18