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Alcohol and Beauty

Alcohol and Beauty

Alcohol and Beauty (or lack thereof)

Almost everyone is dissatisfied with their appearance to some degree, and most people would like to find a way to change at least one thing about their looks. Alcohol abuse is virtually guaranteed to change your appearance - but it's a good bet you won't get the changes you hoped for.

Abuse can lessen your body's ability to effectively use vitamins and calcium, resulting in dull hair and skin, aggravated acne and dandruff.

Another way alcohol abuse can change your appearance is by making you heavier. Alcohol is high in calories - calories that are likely to stay with you in the form of fuller cheeks, extra waistline, chunkier hips. In fact, a daily glass of wine can add ten pounds a year.

More extreme abuse can cause malnutrition and lowered resistance to disease, which present an entirely new set of problems, not only to your looks but your health as well.

Probably the only good way to affect your appearance with alcohol is not to abuse it. No one can say for sure, but abstinence may be one of the ways a woman can stay looking younger longer. Besides, who needs dandruff?