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Candidates who have been suspended or whose admission status is otherwise inactive may appeal to the Graduate Education Programs' Advisory Council to be readmitted or to have their admission status reactivated. Such requests must be submitted in writing to the Director of Graduate Education Programs. The request should include:

  • a brief summary of the circumstance(s) that led to the suspension or inactive status
  • a clear statement of the request
  • a brief statement of how, if readmitted, the candidate will work to prevent future, similar matters from arising; and
  • copies of any non-confidential, relevant correspondence between the candidate and any office or individual at McNeese.

Correspondence records are property of the candidate and may be submitted voluntarily. Copies of such records will help to expedite the review of the candidate's request; however, such copies are not required for the request to be considered.

Candidates should remember that an appeal request is formal, written correspondence. It should be presented professionally and free of any language, grammar, and formatting errors or inconsistencies.

Once the appeal letter is received by the Director of Graduate Education Programs, the Graduate Education Programs’ Advisory Council will review the submitted materials and make a recommendation to the Director. If the recommendation is to deny the request for readmission or reactivation, then the Director will notify the candidate via email. If the recommendation is for remittance or reactivation, then the Director will forward the recommendation to the Graduate Council. Once the Graduate Council has ruled on the case, the Director will notify the candidate via email of the decision.