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The engineering program has established a scholarship committee that advertises the scholarships, receives student applications, selects the recipients and awards the scholarships. 

Minimum Requirements:

Full-Time Junior or Senior (at time of award)
GPA 2.5 or higher

A listing of these scholarships follows: 
  • Bassell Scholarship
  • Industrial Advisory Board Scolarship
  • Dr. Carroll Karkalits Memorial Engineering Scholarship
  • Kiritsis-Saenz Memorial Engineering Scholarship
  • Dr. Thomas Leary, Past President – Engineering Scholarship
  • Edith and Adam LeDoux Memorial Scholarship
  • Kathleen and Ernest Levingston Engineering Scholarship
  • George Mutai Memorial Scholarship in Electrical Engineering
  • Northrop Grumman Scholarship
  • Equistar Chemical Corporation Scholarship
  • Pitt Grill Scholarship
  • Frank M. Rolufs Memorial Scholarship
  • Harrell R. Smith Engineering Scholarship
  • Southwest Beverage Company Scholarship
  • James and Karen Taussig Scholarship
  • Uppot Engineering Scholarship
  • Engineering Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Edwin Eisen Memorial Scholarship
  • ChevronTexaco Engineering Scholarship
  • Chandra "PEACE" Memorial Engineering Scholarship
  • Gordon and Mary Cain Scholarship
  • Roy and Leova Broussard Memorial Scholarship
  • Brask Inc. Engineering Scholarship
  • Luie Barbe Jr. Scholarship
  • Sasol Chemical Company Scholarship
  • Lasater Engineering Scholarship
  • Allen P. August, Jr. Scholarship for African Americans in Engineering

In addition to the above endowed scholarships the following “in and out” scholarships are funded every year by their donors and the funds are distributed to students during the same year.
  • Citgo Petroleum Corporation scholarship in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Vibration Institute Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
Interested in applying? Fill out the application and submit to