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Lake Area Industries/McNeese Engineering Partnership - Participating Companies

Lake Area Industries/McNeese Engineering Partnership - Participating Companies

Participating Companies
Company Description
Arch Chemicals

Arch Chemicals, Inc., is a dynamic, extremely focused company devoted exclusively to specialty chemicals. We concentrate full time on three business areas: microelectronic, water, and performance chemicals. The Lake Charles plants produce propellant grade hydrazine products for the United States Government for use in rockets and satellites and produce and sell hydrazine solutions, worldwide, for use in water treatment, pharmaceutical, agricultural, rubber, and coatings industries.

Basell is the world's leading producer of polypropylene, is the fourth largest producer of polyethylene, and has production sites in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The Lake Charles site produces a wide range of polypropylene, polyethylene, and engineered resin products. The products are used in a wide range of polymer applications - beverage closures, auto trim, appliance parts, baby care products, pet supplies, and stretch wrap. Opened in 1961, the plant site has seen steady growth in output and product range, modernization, and change, and employs more than 300 people.
Boise Cascade

Boise Cascade's DeRidder paper mill was constructed in the late 1920s under the joint ownership of Boise Cascade Corporation, an Idaho-based forest products company, and Sonat, Inc., an Alabama-based energy resources company. Today the mill is owned solely by Boise Cascade and is the the tenth largest paper mill in North America. The 2,600 ton-per-day mill is complemented by almost 700,000 acres of company-owned or managed timberlands in Southwest Louisiana.
Calcasieu Refining Company

Calcasieu Refining Company is located on the Calcasieu Ship Channel near Lake Charles, Louisiana and in the very heart of the Gulf Coast refining and petrochemical area. It has the processing facilities, location, financial position, technical expertise and management leadership necessary to stay competitive in today's rapidly changing business environment.

CertainTeed Lake Charles Polymer Plant began manufacturing polyvinyl chloride polymer in 1975 with a workforce of about 68 employees. In 1989, the production capacity was increased by 20% by adding an additional polymerization vessel. Also, the plant's production capacity was increased by 50% in 1996 by adding new polymerization vessels and buildings. Currently, the Lake Charles Polymer Plant employs approximately 80 people. CertainTeed's polyvinyl chloride polymer is used to manufacture vinyl decking, fencing, siding, and windows, as well as PVC pipe.

The CITGO Lake Charles Manufacturing Complex is a modern, deep-conversion refining facility with a crude processing capacity of 330,000 BPD. The refinery produces transportation fuels, turbine fuels, heating oil, and petrochemicals. Cit-Con Oil Corporation, a joint venture of CITGO and Conoco operated as part of the CITGO Complex, produces lubricating oils, greases, and a broad range of waxes.

ConocoPhillips is an international, integrated energy company. It is the third-largest integrated energy company in the United States, based on market capitalization, oil and gas proved reserves and production; and the largest refiner in the United States.

Our vision is to be the world's most dynamic science company, creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer and healthier life for people everywhere.

Established in 1973 and reincorporated in 1988 as a new entity, ENGlobal has become one of the leading and fastest growing engineering firms in the United States. We have earned an outstanding reputation for providing a full range of services in the petroleum refining, chemical, petrochemical, exploration and production, co-generation, manufacturing, process controls, advanced automation and information technology sectors.

Entergy serves 998,000 Louisiana customers through the operating companies Entergy Louisiana and Entergy Gulf States, which together form the largest electricity provider in the state. With operations in Southern, Central and Northeastern Louisiana, the companies are part of Entergy Corporation's electric system serving 2.5 million customers in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas.
Firestone Polymers

Firestone Polymers, formerly known as Firestone Synthetic Rubber and Latex Co., has been in operation in the Lake Charles area since 1943. The Lake Charles plant produces solution polymerized styrene-butadiene polymers and high and low-cis polybutadiene polymers. These polymers have a wide range of end uses by our customers, such as tires, plastics, floor coverings, asphalt, and many others. The plant employs over 300 company employees plus a variable number of contract employees, and is both ISO 9002 (for quality) and ISO Westlake 14001 (for environmental) certified.
Georgia Gulf

Georgia Gulf is a major manufacturer and marketer of two highly integrated product lines, chlorovinyls and aromatics. Georgia Gulf Corporation includes Georgia Gulf Chemicals & Vinyls, LLC and Georgia Gulf Lake Charles, LLC. These products are used globally in a wide variety of end-use applications, including construction and renovation, engineered plastics, pulp and paper production, chemical intermediates, pharmaceuticals and consumer products.
Grace Davison

The Lake Charles plant is Grace Davison's largest refining catalyst manufacturing plant, employing over 300 people. It functions as a world-wide sourcing facility for fluid cracking catalysts and hydroprocessing catalyst, representing 64% of Davison's U.S.A. refining catalyst capacity as well as 51% of W. R. Grace's world-wide refining catalyst capacity.
Levingston Engineers, Inc.

Levingston Engineers, Inc., is an engineering company providing Southwest Louisiana area industrial and commercial facilities with engineering and design services of civil/structural, mechanical/piping, instrumentation, and electrical disciplines. We perform project front-end development, project management and estimating, project and detail design, construction packages, and engineering support for local industrial facilities. We provide in-plant engineering and design personnel to supplement local industrial facilities.
Louisiana Pigment Company

Louisiana Pigment Company, LP, is a joint venture of Kronos Louisiana, Inc., and Tioxide Americas, Inc. The plant which is located in Westlake is a state-of-the-art titanium dioxide manufacturing facility. Production at the plant started in 1992, and currently over 400 full-time company and contract personnel are employed at the site. The plant produces over 125,000 metric tons
Lyondell Chemical Company

Lyondell Chemical Company, with headquarters in Houston, Texas, is the world's largest producer of propylene oxide (PO); the world's number two supplier of toluene diisocyanate (TDI); a leading producer of propylene glycol; a leading producer of other PO derivatives such as butanediol and propylene glycol ether; and a producer of styrene monomer and MTBE as co-products of PO production. The largest single-train TDI plant in the world is located in Lyondell's Lake Charles facility. Together with its 41% joint venture in Equistar, Lyondell's businesses comprise more than $17 billion in assets and 8,000 employees worldwide.
PPG Industries

The Lake Charles complex is the largest facility of PPG Industries' manufacturing sites worldwide. Principal products are chlorine, caustic, and its derivatives, and silica pigments. These basic and intermediate chemicals result in consumer and industrial uses such as detergents and bleaches, refrigeration, swimming pool treatment, high quality battery separators, and a wide range of plastic items such as toys, toothbrushes, and plastic wrap. More than 1,500 area citizens are employed and the economic impact on Southwest Louisiana exceeds $250 million.
RECON Management Services, Inc.

RECON Management Services, Inc., provides professional personnel for in-plant assignments to support the engineering and construction groups for Southwest Louisiana and the Golden Triangle area in Texas. RECON Engineering, Inc., is a subsidiary of RECON Management and provides chemical, mechanical, cvil/structural, electrical & instrumentation engineering and drafting services. RECON began doing business in 1995 and has grown to over 120 personnel.
RPM Engineering

RPM Engineering is a multi-discipline consulting engineering firm offering professional services to a diversity of clients. Total systems engineering capabilities enable RPM to handle any and all phases of a client's project including feasibility and economic studies, site selection, master planning, environmental studies, complete engineering systems design, cost estimates, contract documents, construction observation and management, and initial start-up and operational assistance.

Sasol North America Inc. is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The chemical complex located in Southwest Louisiana near Lake Charles includes the company's Research and Development Resources. The plant produces commodity and specialty chemicals for soaps, detergents and personal care products. With approximately 450 employees in the local area, the facility is one of the top petrochemical employers and has an annual economic impact of more than $115 million. The company has a strong community outreach program, which includes Tours, Community Advisory Panels, Partners In Education, Sasol Volunteers and a 24-hour information line. For more information about Sasol, log on to their facility website at
Westlake Group

Westlake Group is a premium supplier of petrochemicals, plastics, and fabricated products to the international marketplace. Facilities in Sulphur employ more than 600 people and manufacture ethylene, styrene, and a full range of resins, such as low density, linear low density, and high density polyethylenes. These resins are found in plastic packaging and coatings for bakery goods and produce, agricultural applications, consumer and industrial liners, laundry and dry cleaning bags, and juice and milk cartons. Resins are also used in the manufacture of toys and housewares.