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Innovation Engineering Minor

Innovation Engineering Minor

Innovation Engineering Minor

Innovation Engineering is a program for students who are interested in learning a systematic approach to innovation.  Innovation Engineering courses are designed to help you create, communicate and commercialize your ideas.  Whether you plan on working for an established organization or want to strike out on your own, the skills learned in Innovation Engineering will be invaluable to your career.

INOV 180: Innovation Engineering I - Create

    The first course in Innovation Engineering will provide a systematic approach to creativity, the foundation for students to understand how to generate innovative ideas in any field.  The course gives students the theories behind ideas and practice using tools to generate meaninful ideas.  These tools engage creative stimulus, diversity and mining for technology and economic, social and cultural trends.  The course will examine case histories that demonstrate how social and cultural contexts and human institutions have been influenced by innovative individuals who have realized original ideas in practice.

INOV 280: Innovation Engineering II - Communicate

    This course bridges the gap between generating ideas and making them real.  Final decision makers are not going to believe any cliams if you can't successfully communicate the benefits and proof or your meaningfully uniqure idea, product or service.  Students in this course learn how to a) identify and solve a PROBLEM, b) make a relevant OVERT BENEFIT PROMISE, and c) provide REAL REASON TO BELIEVE PROOF.

INOV 380: Innovation Engineering III - Commercialize

    Work with real product and service ideas and create working prototypes to find the flaws of a design quickly and inexpensively.  Topics include application of the scientific method to the prototyping process, sales forecasting, open-source technology, patent searching, provisional patent writing, and some elements of market research and funding.

INOV 480: Innovation Engineering IV - Experience

    Weekly case studies and in rapidly changing peer teams are used to generate ideas, articulate innovations through writing, and research potential technologies and markets in the context of real-world businesses or nonprofit organizations.  

INOV 481: Innovation Engineering V - Project

    Emphasizes the intensive application of concepts explored in earlier Innovation Engineering courses with the purpose of creating original project proposals.  Focus on identifiying a problem or opportunity and researching existing solutions to the problem before developing their own ideas. 

INOV 482: Innovation Engineering VI - Make it Real

    Students will take their own idea from proposal stage to prototype and beyond.  Projects may be individual or team-based.