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Innovation Center

Innovation Center


Innovation Classroom

The Innovation classroom is the main facility where faculty will coach students through the Innovation courses.  The room is designed to facilitate collaborative teaching, learning, sharing, and practice using flexible modular furniture, IP-based infrastructure, Apple technology, a multiple screen environment and switched AV control system.  The Innovation coursework coaches students through the creation, communication, and commercialization of meaningfully unique ideas.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Laboratory (iLab) will be used by students enrolled in the Innovation courses as well as student business incubation studio tenants as a place that enhances creativity and brings ideas into reality.

The iLab is a custom-built ecosystem with non-linear writable wall space, interactive technology, communication devices, a prototyping center, and idea creation and commercialization tools designed to pioneer student invention through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Innovator's toolkit

  • Green Screen and lighting for filming and digital advertisement creation
  • Free wi-fi
  • Digital presentation capability
  • Apple hardware (iPads, Mac-minis, airbooks)
  • Apple TVs
  • Smart TV access
  • Gaming and App Development support
  • Social Networking
  • Idea creation tools
  • Whiteboards
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI) multi-touch table
  • Software supporting author apps in C++, C# / .NET, Java, Python, and HTML5 / Javascript compatible with Windows 7 and 8
  • Note capturing digital technology
  • Protyping material and 3-D milling machine
  • Interactive communication site for problem solving/idea sharing
  • Projectors

Student Business Incubation Studio

The Student Business Incubation Studio's (BIS) mission is to support and facilitate the development of sustainable student businesses.  There are many opportunities for student businesses.  There are many opportunities for student businesses that emerge from the university's six colleges.  However, there has never been an established infrastructure to encourage or support this type of endeavor at McNeese.

Through new programs and activities, McNeese has a rare opportunity to become a hub for innovation and collaborative effort that will benefit the local and state economy as we engage students and the community at large in developing and attracting a high tech and advanced skills workforce.

The studio provides a systematic approach to creativity and gives students the tools they need to create and refine an idea then translate it into an opportunity.

The student incubation studio connects student entrepreneurs to capital, talent, resources, technology and mentors and is focused on innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and growth.  Student clients of the incubation studio will have access to space, support, resources and technology that will suppor innovation, entrepreneurship and business development.

The student incubator will have assigned space for students to operate businesses once certain admission criteria have been met.  Using compact, freestanding and side-reversible furniture that connects in a variety of configurations the student incubator will easily be able to accommodate changing student requirements.  A small meeting room with boardroom style furniture allows students to interface with prospective customers.