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Pankaj Chandra, Ph.D., P.E. - Teaching Philosophy

Pankaj Chandra, Ph.D., P.E. - Teaching Philosophy

My Objectives

As a teacher and a facilitator, I would like to see that:
  1. Students have the knowledge of the basic fundamentals.
  2. Students have the ability to apply them to solve the real life problems affecting them and the society over all.

My Method of Instruction and Sharing Knowledge

I will combine traditional blackboard style as well as advanced technical tools such as power point presentations and demonstrations (if applicable) in my teaching and instruction. My topics will incorporate my knowledge and the experience in teaching and consulting.

My Motivation

My motivation to teach comes from:
  1. Teaching is in my family as my mother was a teacher and saw her dedication toward building an educated society from ground up.
  2. The desire to make the future generation a better educated one. If I can be a part of building a better tomorrow for our kids, I feel that I did my share of civil duties.

My Classroom Environment

  1. Sharing of the responsibility of learning
  2. Encompass the diverse learning styles of the students
  3. Encourages academic interaction
  4. Encourage excellence in students by making the material interesting and challenging
  5. Relevant material to current issues and applicable to the lives of the students as well as to the society
  6. Respectful dealing with different opinions
  7. Assign value to regularity, and commitment
  8. Rules of conduct