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Department of Engineering - Coop Program Student Participation Policy

Department of Engineering - Coop Program Student Participation Policy

Coop Program Student Participation Policy

Students participating in the Cooperative Education Program must abide by the following policies and procedures:

  • Participation is open only to students who intend to graduate from McNeese State University in engineering or technology.
  • A co-op/intern position is not guaranteed to any applicant.
  • A co-op/intern student must register for ENGR 350/450 or TECH 250/450 each work term.
  • Each academic term, a co-op/intern student must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours (6 hours in summer) toward the appropriate degree and satisfy GPA requirements (2.5/4.0 minimum or as required by employer).
  • A co-op/intern student is expected to return to the same employer for all work terms.
  • The employer is not obligated to continue with a student in the co-op program or to rehire the student for follow-up work terms. For students performing satisfactorily, the employer is expected to make every effort to employ the student for a minimum of three work terms.
  • More than three work terms may be completed if requested by the employer. A maximum of five work terms is allowed; however, all terms must be completed before the student's final semester.
  • A co-op/intern student may be terminated from the program for unsatisfactory performance or for failure to maintain satisfactory academic standards.
  • A co-op/intern student cannot apply for unemployment compensation benefits relating to work performed as part of the co-op/intern programs.
  • Employers are not obligated to offer employment to co-op/intern students upon graduation, nor is the student obligated to accept employment if it is offered.

For further information please contact:
Cooperative Education Program

Department of Engineering
McNeese State University
Box 91735
Lake Charles, LA 70609
(337) 475-5857
Fax (337) 475-5237