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Department of Engineering - Coop Program Overview

Department of Engineering - Coop Program Overview

Coop Program Overview

The College of Engineering and Technology's Cooperative Education Program at McNeese State University was established in the mid 1960s to enhance a student's academic education with practical experience in industry. The program a voluntary work-study program in which students alternate academic study terms with work terms in industry. The university and industries work together to contribute to students' professional educations and careers.

Co-op students on the job are traditionally given projects commensurate with their experience and academic level and are supervised by experienced engineers or technicians. Students gain the opportunity to evaluate their choice of profession and the options within that career field. While working, the students earn a good wage to assist with everyday living expenses and their education. During academic terms, the students derive more from the classroom experience because of the practical knowledge gained during the work term. At graduation, co-op students have the equivalent of a year or more of experience, have demonstrated their capabilities and have gained an insight into how industry functions.

Industries participating in the cooperative education program are essentially partners with McNeese in the education of future engineers. They have the opportunity to evaluate the engineering and technology programs, influence the curricula content, evaluate and train their co-op students as potential future employees and assign their regular employees to higher priority projects. Cooperative education is reported by industry to be a highly cost-effective program while providing opportunities for aspiring students.

The intern program is a recent addition to the Cooperative Education Program. This program provides essentially the same benefits as the co-op program, but the total length of time working in industry is less. The intern program provides work terms for the summer period only and is usually limited two summers whereas co-op students traditionally work three to five terms.

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