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Burton College of Education Hurricane Plan

Burton College of Education Hurricane Plan

On Alert

Monitor the threat level (projected path, size, and speed) posed by the system.

All university students and personnel shall closely monitor the university's website and local media for storm updates and further instruction.


All university employees shall begin preparing the campus for hurricane conditions.
BCOE Dean and Administrative Assistant will update current contact information, including cell phone numbers and addresses for all department heads and directors within the college.

BCOE Dean will update phone numbers and addresses for all faculty and staff within the BCOE.

Dean and Administrative Assistant will contact other members of the BCOEAC (department heads of Psychology, Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Instructional Technology, and Health and Human Performance; Director of Student Teaching and Professional Education Services; Director of ARH Center for Economic Education; and BCOE Assessment Coordinator) to inform of implementation of Hurricane Contingency and Emergency Plan as has been previously discussed with the group.

Phase One

University closure is possible but Parish/campus evacuation is not expected. All departments must enact their phase one procedures as follows:
Dean and Administrative Assistant will secure technology within all classrooms in Farrar Hall (turning off computers and projectors; locking computer cabinets; locking classrooms).

Store portable technology equipment belonging to the BCOE in the office of the Administrative Assistant as it has a unique keying system and also has no windows to the outside.

Ensure all offices are secure and essential records have been backed up.

BCOEAC members - Remind all employees to maintain contact with the Dean at least every 48 hours and inform him/her of any change in location, etc during an evacuation in order to receive information and directives.

Ensure that all sensitive items in the BCOE offices are secure and that essential records have been backed up and/or copied to a secure location.

Phase Two

Classes will be canceled, all University buildings will be closed and secured, and a Parish evacuation will ensue. All departments must enact their phase two procedures as follows:

In addition to Phase One procedures listed above:

The Dean will remove a single wireless-capable laptop computer and flash drive(s) with vital information for operation of the BCOE to an off-campus location in order to maintain as many functions of the college as possible.

Dean and Administrative Assistant will perform a final inspection of Farrar Hall prior to vacating the premises.

All Faculty and Staff - are expected to remain in contact with their supervisors via telephone or e-mail every 48 hours to secure directions for action. If possible, faculty and staff should monitor the University's website for information.


Begins after landfall when sustained wind speeds are less than 30 miles per hour.

Dean contacts members of the BCOEAC to notify them of information regarding a return to work. Members of the BCOEAC will be responsible for contacting faculty and staff within their departments/offices to inform them of recovery timelines and procedures.

Dean and Administrative Assistant will return laptop and flash drive to the BCOE and check the building for any damages and/or missing/damaged equipment upon return to the building.

Members of BCOEAC ensure all equipment is returned to its original location in order to resume operations.


Declared by the University President or his designee upon resumption of normal operation.

Department Head, Dean, Director or Other Appropriate Supervisor will:

  1. Conduct after-action/lessons learned reviews of response and recovery activities within their department.

  2. Update departmental operational plans to reflect lessons learned/best practices.

  3. Notify appropriate university officials of hurricane related problems impacting your department that could be avoided or mitigated through the assistance of other departments or personnel during future crises.

*Essential Personnel

Specific job titles of all departmental personnel required to remain on campus during an evacuation or to perform essential tasks (non-academic) from an off-campus location during an emergency. Include the duties for which he/she will be responsible and the location he/she will likely stay during an evacuation (if pre-arrangements have been made). DO NOT INCLUDE ACADEMIC POSITIONS OR RESPONSIBILITIES HERE.

List job titles and duties of possible essential personnel

Created: 6/2011