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Creating an Event

Creating an Event

What is an Event

In the most basic terms, event is a webpage that has a date associated with it. More specifically, events are nodes that appear in calendars, pages, feeds, and other automated locations to communicate to users when, where, and what an event is about. Events must have content inside of them.

Creating or Updating

Just like with most content on this website, it is no more difficult to create an event than it is to write an e-mail.

The Event Title field on an event describes the event and must not include comments (such as a statement in parenthesis). To properly add comments to a title of an event, you must use the Event Note field.

The Event Date field is used to tell the system when the event will happens and how long it happens. You should still put the event date inside the body. This is not automatic to make it easier for users who want to control the look and feel on how the event (and therefore date) gets presented.

The Event Body field is used to describe and communicate to the users what the event is about. You should put in an event place and time in this section and a description of the event itself. With e-mail addresses you need to know the address to who you are sending the e-mail to.

Likewise, there are a few fields on the event that you need to know the proper address to fill in. These fields are:
  • Group
  • Event Group
  • Semester

The Group is the group field found on every node on the system. It describes who is given access to make changes, where the event is placed on the website, and what menus are associated with that event. Do not confuse this with the event group.

The Event Group is a field that tells the system how to automatically process and populate the event. In general, this is simply a way to select the calendar or category in which the event will be filtered under. If this is not setup properly, then you event may appear in the wrong locations.

The Semester field only appears to users who may need it. The semester is further sub-categorization of events on a per-semester basis.

For further details, read Website Documentation: Managing Content and the Website Documentation: Accessibility under the website documentation pages at:

Step By Step Process

As mentioned earlier, creating events are no more difficult than creating an e-mail. The following is a step by step process to do this.
  1. Login to the system.
  2. Create an event.
    This could be done by selecting event under the Create Content menu tab found in the My Workbench. A direct link to create the event is
  3. Fill out the event fields.
    1. Fill out the title field.
    2. Fill out the date field.
    3. Fill out the body field.
    4. Fill out the group field.
    5. Fill out the event group field.
    6. (conditionally) Fill out the semester field.
A large portion of events on the website are registrar events. To create a registrar event for, say Fall 2015, the fields should be:
  • The title field should be whatever your title will be.
  • The date field should describe when the event is. Make sure to use repeating dates for events that span multiple days.
  • The body field should describe to the viewers what the event is about.
  • The group field should be: Fall 2015[tid:656].
  • The event group field should be: Registrar.
  • The semester field should be: Fall.