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Career Fair

Career Fair

Fall 2015 Career Fair
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
McNeese Recreational Complex

 Open exclusively to McNeese Students and Alumni                                                     Over 100 recruiter are expected in attendance

Arrive polished and ready to impress:
Dress to Impress
  • Business Professional to Business Casual attire required.

Resume in Hand
  • Bring copies of your resume (schedule an appointment with Career & Student Development Services, to polish youre resume before the fair.)

Good Handshake and Eye Contact
  • Practice your handshake, not too firm, not too soft ( two-three pumps and your done). 
  • Eye contact is crucial, look recruiters in the eye as you greet them.

Deliver your, "Sales Pitch"
  • Introduce yourself to the recruiter, ask questions about the company and position, talk about how you can serve the company and are a good fit for the job.
  • Remeber that this short conversation is the interview process, treat it just as importantly

Post Interview Formalities/The Follow Up
  • Ask for his/her card.
  • When (if) asked to fill out an on-line form, application, survey...etc.) be sure to do so promptly.
  • Send the recruiter a thank you note for speaking with you at the fair.