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Welcome Letter for Organization Advisers

Welcome Letter for Organization Advisers

Greetings Advisor,

We are excited you have chosen to serve as an Advisor for one of our many outstanding student organizations at McNeese. As strong as these organizations are alone, they are all greatly improved by your role and service as Advisor. With your help we all work toward our common goal of making involvement with campus life at McNeese as positive of an experience as possible. We have compiled multiple resources for you and your organization to utilize and they can be found on the Student Organization section of our website.

What is an Advisor? Advisors serve a multitude of purposes and roles within their organizations. From mentoring members, assisting with budgets, being a sounding board for ideas, to assisting organizations in maintaining compliance, Advisors are called upon to wear many hats. While Advisors may be asked to be friends, mentors, role-models, and resources for an organization, Advisors are never "Parents." Advisors must work hard to establish and maintain healthy and appropriate boundaries and help the students remember ultimately it is their job to run their organization, not the Advisors. Also, be sure to encourage your students' involvement with the McNeese Student Government Association to ensure their organization's interests are represented and voices heard.

What about my liability as an Advisor? Case law in the United States has consistently found Advisors not liable for organization's actions simply because of their service as Advisor. The courts have said liability comes into play when Advisors have first hand knowledge about criminal acts and then fail to act appropriately. If you are EVER unsure about something regarding your organization, please contact me on my direct line at (337) 475-5707 or by email at While there can be some risks associated with working with any organization, the rewards considerably outweigh them, especially when you are helping students.

Thank you for choosing to serve our students and the larger McNeese community as an organization Advisor. In honor of your service please plan to attend our "Organization President & Advisor Appreciation Luncheon," September 8, 2012, from 12 PM - 1 PM in the La Jeunesse Room. As an Advisor you play an integral part of the many good things happening at McNeese. We could not do it without you!

All the best,

Chris Thomas, Ed.D. - Associate Dean for Campus Life
Kedrick Nicholas, M.S. - Student Activities Coordinator