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Student Health Center

Student Health Center


The Student Health Center of McNeese State University provides limited medical care for the students of McNeese. This care is intended to enable students to be healthy enough, mentally and physically, to attend classes. Because college life and life in general may be stressful, the Student Health Center provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for students to utilize. This enables the student to rest, relax, and refocus.

The Infirmary

McNeese University operates the Dr. Thomas Henry Watkins Infirmary for its students. Nurses are on duty and doctors maintain office hours on the premises. Staff and faculty can be treated for emergencies only.

Health and accident insurance is included in the student's registration fee.

Whenever possible, please schedule your appointment in advance by calling or coming by the Student Health Center. If you cannot attend your scheduled appointment, for any reason, please call the center at 475-5748. Voice mail is available after hours. Two missed appointments will result in the loss of Infirmary privileges for the rest of the semester.

Hours of operation

Mon.-Fri. 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.