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International Partnership

International Partnership


McNeese State University  (hereinafter referred to as MSU) and FHWien University of Applied Sciences of WKW, Vienna, Austria (hereinafter referred to as FHWien) enter into an agreement of cooperation to establish a program of exchange and collaboration in areas of interest and benefit to both institutions.
I. Purposes
The purposes of the cooperation between MSU and FHWien are as follows:
•  to promote interest in the teaching and research activities of the respective institutions, and
•  to deepen the understanding of the economic, cultural and social Issues environment of the respective institutions.
II. Joint Activities to Achieve Goals
To achieve these goals, MSU and FHWien will, insofar as the means of each allow:
•  promote institutional exchanges by inviting faculty and staff of the partner institutions to participate in a variety of teaching and/or research activities and professional development;
•  receive undergraduate and graduate students of the partner institution for periods of study and/or research;
•  organize symposia, conferences, short courses and meetings on research issues;
•  carry out joint research and continuing education programs; and
•  exchange information pertaining to developments in teaching, student development and research at each institution.
III. Activities Coordination
Each institution shall designate a coordinator to oversee and facilitate the implementation of this Agreement.   The coordinators, working with other appropriate administrators at the respective universities, shall have the following responsibilities:
•  to promote academic collaboration at both faculty, graduate and undergraduate student levels for research and study;
•  to act as principal contacts for individual and group activities and to plan and coordinate all activities within their institutions as well as with the partner institution;
•  to distribute to each institution information about the faculty, facilities, research, publications, library materials and educational resources of the other institution; and
•  to meet periodically to review and evaluate past activities and to work out new ideas for future cooperative agreements.
IV. Limitations on Liability
Nothing in this agreement shall be construed to constitute either party, for legal purposes, as a partner, agent or representative of the other. Neither party shall have the right or authority to assume or create any obligation on behalf of the other or in the name of the other, to accept legal process for the other, or to bind the other in any way. This includes intellectual property rights.
V. Scope
Both institutions expect to continue discussions concerning possible future phases of their work together. This agreement is entirely independent of future cooperation on subsequent phases, which will be separately evaluated and require separate agreements. The scope of the activities under this agreement shall be determined by the funds regularly available at both institutions for the types of collaboration undertaken and by financial assistance as may be obtained by either institution from external sources. 
VI. Duration
Upon approval by each institution, this agreement shall remain in effect for a period of ten (10) years unless terminated earlier by either institution.  Such termination by one institution shall be effected by giving the other institution at least ninety (90) days advance written notice of its intention to terminate.  If such notice is given, this agreement shall terminate: (a) at the end of such ninety (90) days; or (b) when all students enrolled in a course of study under the agreement at the time such notice is given have completed their respective courses of study under the agreement, whichever event occurs last.  Termination shall be without penalty.  If this agreement is terminated, neither MSU nor FHWien shall be liable to the other for any monetary or other losses which may result.
EXECUTED by McNeese State University and FHWien University of Applied Sciences of WKW, Vienna, Austria  in duplicate copies, each of which shall be deemed an original.
McNEESE STATE UNIVERSITY                                             FHWIEN UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED
                                                                                              SCIENCES OF WKW, VIENNA, AUSTRIA
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