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Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics

Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics

Department Head: Dr. Musa Essayyad

Dr. Musa

Faculty: Daryl Burckel, Stephen Caples, Musa Essayyad, William Galose, Bill Jens, Banamber Mishra, Mercy Palamuleni, Matiur Rahman,  Michael Toerner, Olga Watts, Kay Zekany.

The Accounting, Finance, and Economics programs are designed to prepare graduates to meet the challenges from strong and growing global forces, conflicting values, changing technology, and demographic diversity among employees and customers. Graduates will be prepared to contribute to their organizations and society, grow personally and professionally, and pursue further graduate work. The geographic orientation of each degree program is national, with an international orientation and regional overtones. The primary emphasis of the Department's mission is quality teaching enhanced by scholarly productivity and application through service to the business and academic community.


The Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics offers curricula leading to the following degrees:

The accounting curricula is  designed to prepare students for the accounting profession. For the qualified person, accounting offers unlimited opportunities in business, industry, government, and public accounting. The profession requires a strong foundation in general education and business courses in addition to thorough training in accounting subjects. While each of the accounting curricula gives students all necessary courses to take the CPA exam, the accounting curriculum with Professional Accountancy/Exam Preparation concentration offers interested students a highly organized and specialized curriculum in preparation to become a professional in the field of accountancy. This curriculum directs students to specific courses advantageous in preparation for the CPA exam as well as other accounting-related professional examinations. The accounting curriculum with a concentration in taxation offers interested students a strong preparation in many diverse areas of personal and business taxations.

The Finance curricula require advanced course work in finance and provide training in the acquisition and use of funds. These curricula prepare students for positions in banking, investment, insurance, real estate, and financial management. The Bachelor of Science in Finance with Financial Services concentration provides an organized curriculum to expose interested students to the broad range of service possibilities the finance professional provides to society.

Graduation Requirements

Degree candidates for the Bachelors of Science in Accounting or Finance must fulfill the requirements listed under "College-Wide Requirements" in the College of Business section of this catalog and complete the prescribed curricula with a minimum grade of "C" in all major courses.

CPA Examination

To be eligible to sit for the CPA examination in Louisiana, an applicant must possess, in addition to other requirements, credit for not less than 150 hours of post-secondary, or graduate, or post-graduate education. All of the Bachelor of Science in Accounting curricula fulfills the specific course requirements for sitting for this profession examination in Louisiana. Details of the Louisiana CPA requirement and recommendation for meeting the education requirements are available from the department head.