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Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The degree program in accounting includes a strong foundation in general education, business, finance and accounting. These courses provide a well-rounded education to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter and successfully compete in a chosen field of accounting. The accounting curriculum is designed for students who are preparing for professional careers in government, business, industry and public accounting. Students can also choose a to add a concentration in Taxation or in Professional Test Preparation.

Possible career paths: banker, federal government accountant, financial planner, internal auditor, management/industry accountant or public accountant.

Bachelor of Science in Finance

The finance curriculum requires advanced course work and provides training in the acquisition and use of funds. The degree program in finance prepares students for careers in banking, investments, insurance, real estate and financial management. Classes will allow students to examine decisions regarding the management of funds, including investment and institutional practices. Students can also choose to add a concentratlion in Financial Analysis.

Possible career paths: bank loan officer, budget analyst, cash manager, commodities trader, corporate treasurer, investment banker, pension fund manager, portfolio manager or security analyst/investment analyst.

Bachelor of Science in Management

The management curriculum provides students with the knowledge needed for managerial positions in business firms, non-profit agencies and government. Students are exposed to managerial principles, theories and analytical skills designed to integrate managerial practice and theory. Students in management may also choose to add a concentrate in Human Resource Management.

Possible career paths: entrepreneur, budget analyst, production manager, corporate trainer, human resource management, inventory and supply manager, management analysts, consultant or purchasing agent.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

This program is designed to offer a broad understanding of marketing problems and concepts, giving students a strong background for careers as future marketing executives. Many entry-level positions in business are in teh marketing area, and many of the best-paying positions are in sales and marketing.  

Possible career paths: account executive, brand/product manager, customer service manager, distribution manager, entrepreneur, international sales representative, marketing researcher, promotions manager or sales representative.

Bachelor of Science in General Business Administration

This curriculum provides a broad business background for students interested in administrative positions with business firms, non-profit agencies and the government. Advanced course work in accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing is required. Students may also choose to concentrate in Education Grades 6-12 or Construction and Project Management.
Possible career paths: banker, customer service representative, assistant manager, business manager, personal agent or sales representative.

Master of Business Administration

The McNeese College of Business offers the Master of Business Administration degree that is a practical, problem-solving and solution-oriented program designed for the practicing manager. A blend of pragmatic and academic training, the program's emphasis is on practical applications. The MBA program endeavors to provide its students with the background, skills and insight needed to function effectively in an administrative environment. Graduates are prepared to meet the challenges from strong and growing global forces, conflicting values, changing technology and demographic diversity among employees and customers. As an option, students can also choose an MBA with a concentration in accounting. This is a particularly popular choice for undergraduate accounting majors wanting to earn a CPA.

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration