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Report Suspicious or Improper Activity

Report Suspicious or Improper Activity

You can anonymously report activity that you believe to be suspicious or improper. These may include ethics violations, ineffective or improper controls, accounting irregularities, financial impropriety, or non-compliance with University, State, or Federal policies and regulatory requirements. You may report these activities to the Office of Internal Audit by phone or by submitting a form.

Call the anonymous hotline at 337-562-4300. This hotline is an analog machine which does not show or record the number used to place the call.

Download the Anonymous Report of Suspected Improper Activity , print it, and complete each field. You can remain anonymous by:

  1. Mailing your form -- Attn: Office of Internal Audit, Burton Business Center Room 404C or Box 93095
  2. Slipping the form beneath the door of Burton Business Center Room 404C

You may also choose to report a concern in person, email Victoria Roach, or use the regular Internal Audit phone line 475-5590.