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Angels of SWLA Make Donation to McNeese

Angels of SWLA Make Donation to McNeese

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The Angels of Southwest Louisiana organization has donated $5,000 through the McNeese State University Foundation to sponsor the second Business Pitch competition hosted by McNeese and the Southwest Louisiana Entrepreneurial and Economic Development (SEED) Center.

The group gave $4,000 for the inaugural competition in April, bringing the total donation to $9,000. The competition - co-sponsored with the Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance and McNeese's College of Business - offers an opportunity for small businesses wanting to get started. Winners were selected in the competition and awarded $1,000 and six months free rent at the SEED Center and access to expert advice.

On hand for the donation are (from left to right): Ron McGinley, managing director for the Angles of Southwest Louisiana; 2013 Business Pitch winners Ben Nguyen, community division; Derek Champagne, college division; Matthew Lundmark and Tyson Queen, technology division; and Dr. Keith Credo, assistant professor of management and Business Pitch competition coordinator. This year's winners were all McNeese students or alumni.