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Online Learning at McNeese State University - Transfer Credit

Online Learning at McNeese State University - Transfer Credit

Like most other universities, McNeese accepts college-level credit that you have earned elsewhere. In order to assure the integrity of our degree programs, we can't automatically grant credit for all classes you passed. The approval of transfer credit is based upon a few factors:

  • the accreditation of the school you attended must be acceptable
  • the content of the class or classes must be equivalent to classes at McNeese
  • the credentials of the instructors must be equal to those required of instructors at McNeese
  • the classes being transferred must have corresponding classes at McNeese

All transcripts reviewed by the Registrar's Office and transfer credits are approved based upon those criteria. You will be notified of the results so that you can plan your degree program accordingly.

It is important to note that McNeese requires you to earn at least 25% of your total credit hours by taking McNeese classes (online or live) and that the last 30 credit hours of your degree program must be taken at McNeese.