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Cost and Financial Aid

Cost and Financial Aid


The online learning program does not add to the cost of your college education. Your tuition and fee amount is based upon the number of credit hours you take each semester. Students participating in online courses pay resident tuition and fee amounts. The estimated tuition and fee amounts can be found here.

The cost of textbooks and supplies are determined by the requirements of the instructor. Most of the time, books can be purchased at the McNeese Bookstore online or from a book retailer of your choice.

Personal Touch Accounts

The McNeese Bookstore offers students an interest free student account called a Personal Touch Account (PTA). The account can be used at the beginning of each semester for one month. To establish a line of credit, a student must have a valid ID and current paid fee receipt and must sign the McNeese credit contract. Refunds on books and supplies are credited to a student's account. At the close of the purchasing deadline, students are mailed a bill for bookstore purchases. One half of the total bill is due the first month and the remaining balance is due the next month.

Financial Aid

McNeese offers a full array of financial aid plans and resources. If you need assistance, we recommend you contact our Financial Aid Office at the time you apply. There is no charge for their assistance and they have the expertise to answer your questions related to student financial aid. Visit McNeese Financial Aid Office online.

Payment Options

McNeese accepts cash, money orders, personal checks, MasterCard, and VISA credit cards for payment of fees.

Installment Plan

An Installment Plan is offered to students attending McNeese. All registration fees, including tuition, special assessments, class-related fees, as well as meal plans, are eligible for the Installlment Plan. Part-time or full-time registered students are eligible for the plan if they have not defaulted on a previous Installment Plan Loan or a bookstore Personal Touch Account and if their fees are either not covered, or only partially covered, by student financial aid.

Students are required to pay one-half of the total amount of the fees during regular registration and the remaining half payment during the semester. A $30 non-refundable fee is assessed for this option. Late fees will be assessed and all payments are to be made at the Cashier's Office in Smith Hall. For more information, call the Cashier's Office at 475-5098.