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Admission to McNeese

Admission to McNeese

How to Apply for Admission

Application packets, which include the Application for Admission, Proof of Immunization Form, Academic Scholarship Application, and Financial Aid Data Form, are available from the Office of the Registrar, the H.C. Drew Enrollment Information Center, and the Admissions and Recruiting website. Mail completed forms to McNeese State University, Admissions, Box 92495, Lake Charles, LA 70609.
  1. The following students must submit an application for admission to the university prior to registration:Students should mail the application with the appropriate application fee to the Admissions Office at the address above.
    • Students who are new to McNeese
    • Students who have graduated from McNeese
    • Students who did not attend McNeese during the prior 3 academic terms (including summer sessions)
  2. Applications must be received by the deadline indicated in the term specific calendar link for students to be eligible to register during regular registration. Applications received after this date will be processed for the late registration period.
  3. A $20 late application fee will be imposed on students applying during the late application period as indicated in the term specific calendar link.
  4. Louisiana law requires all first-time McNeese students born after 1956 to be immunized against measles, mumps, rubella, and tetanus-diphtheria. Additionally, Louisiana law requires all first-time freshmen to be vaccinated against meningitis. Proof of Immunization forms must be received in the Admissions Office before registration for classes can occur.
  5. Male students aged 18-25 must provide proof of draft registration to the Office of the Registrar.
  6. Entering freshmen from out-of-state and those who graduated from a Louisiana high school prior to May 2003 should request that a high school transcript verifying graduation be sent directly from the high school to the Office of the Registrar. High school transcripts are not required from students who graduated from Louisiana high schools May 2003 or later. This data will be obtained from the electronic Louisiana Student Transcript System (STS).
  7. All applicants with prior college work should request that a complete official transcript from each college attended be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar.
  8. First-time freshmen and transfer students who have earned less than 12 semester hours of degree credit must have official ACT or SAT scores sent directly from the testing agency to McNeese. Further information on testing dates and requesting score reports may be obtained from the Office of Scholarships and Testing at 475-5140.
  9. Additional information regarding admission requirements can be found at Admissions and Recruiting website.

Orientation for Beginning Freshmen

Beginning freshmen are expected to attend Freshman Orientation. See the term specific calendar link for specific dates. A $100 fee will be assessed with your tuition and fees which covers all the costs of orientation. Contact General and Basic Studies at 475-5135 for more information.

Academic Bankruptcy

Undergraduate students, who have not been enrolled in any college or university for a period of at least three calendar years immediately preceding their enrollment at McNeese, may file for academic bankruptcy at the time of their application for admission or readmission to the university. Academic bankruptcy provides students a fresh start academically by allowing them to gain admission to the University with no earned hours, no GPA hours, no quality points, and no GPA. Additional information on academic bankruptcy may be obtained from the Assistant Director of Admissions at 475-5148.

EASE-Emphasis on Adult Special Entry

EASE is a simplified admission/registration procedure. The EASE application process is available for the following:
  1. Adults age 60 or older;
  2. Adult students age 25 or older who have obtained a high school diploma or GED and have never attended a college or university;
  3. Former McNeese students who have not attended any college or university for a minimum of three years; and
  4. Students with a bachelor's degree who (1) are non-degree-seeking or non-certification-seeking and (2) do not intend to enroll in graduate courses.
Persons seeking financial aid or receiving veterans' education benefits, transferring from another university or those who do not meet the criteria listed above must enroll through the regular admissions process rather than through EASE. Graduate students admitted through EASE are restricted to undergraduate courses only.
Anyone wishing to apply through the EASE program should contact the Community Service & Outreach for Continuing Education Office. Eligible adults can complete the entire process of admission, counseling, and registration in the EASE office during regular and late registration. EASE advisors are available during business hours, Monday through Friday. Appointments may be scheduled between 4:15 and 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday, by calling 475-5127.