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Minutes for 04/14/10

Minutes for 04/14/10

McNeese State University Athletics Advisory Committee

  1. Call to Order

    Present: Derek Blakely,  Sid Bradley, Daryl Burckel, Gregory Clark, Jeanne Daboval,  Gwendolyn Duhon,  John Griffith, Lori Groves, Deb Kingrey, Bridget Martin, Michele Martin, Tommy McClelland, Cheryl Northam, Joyce Patterson, Travis Pickering, James Pitre, Zach Saucier, and James Watts

    Absent:  Coach and SGA representatives

  2. Approval of Agenda
    Daryl Burckel made the motion to approve agenda; James Pitre seconded; agenda approved.

  3. Approval of Prior Minutes
    Review of minutes from April 14, 2010 (attached and posted on MSU Web)

  4. President's Address - Dr. Williams

    Dr. Williams is impressed with and proud of the MSU athletics program.  Emphasized that we have to run a clean operation as we have become a target with our success.  Impressive that there were 44 football players on the honor roll, and the team has the next to lowest overall GPA of all our teams.

  5. Chair's Report - Michele Martin

    1. Reviewed Summary of Responsibilities document for FAR.
    2. Reviewed operational guidelines and emphasized that the committee is only an advisory body. Asked each member to select a subcommittee and email her the selection or she will appoint each member to a subcommittee.
    3. Reviewed the reporting and monitoring cycle with emphasis on the specific subcommittee responsible for each report.
    4. At SLC winter meeting, it seemed that the Texas and Louisiana members were moving farther and farther apart in terms of venues and financial resources. Academics (APR and graduation rates) were major concerns. Developed a document as to responsibilities of FAR (Attachment A). Tommy McClelland commented that Michele Martin was the primary author of the document.
  6. Athletics Director's Report - Tommy McClelland

    1. Original completion date for field house was early June, but it has been moved to late June or early July due to weather issues.
    2. Commissioner's Cup - McNeese is doing well in the standings.
    3. Football schedule for Fall 2011 - Texas State is adding scholarships for its move to FBS level so the game will be non conference. Other Texas State sports will finish SLC membership at the end of 2012.
    4. March 8-12 is the SLC Basketball championships. Both teams have the chance to be the number one seed.
    5. Thanked Michele Martin for her service as Chair of the committee.
  7. Senior Woman Administrator/Compliance Officer Report - Bridget Martin

    1. Overview of Infractions Process and McNeese's Recent History - most of the reported violations have been secondary, of which there are two levels. Had one major violation in 2006 and were on probation February 2007-09. Had eight secondary violations last year and three this year
    2. Three secondary violations this year were a level 2 in Women's Basketball and Level 1 violations in Women's Golf and Football
    3. Commented that coaches' associations are pushing for harsher penalties if the violations involve recruiting.
    4. Student athlete spring meeting will be closer to summer break to review participation and work rules.
    5. History of expansion of sports has been good. Upgraded facilities and added coaches. In terms of gender and sports participation, 60% males and 40% females participate in athletics while student population is 40% male and 60% female.
  8. Academic Issues Reports - Deb Kingrey

    1. Overview of APR Process - four year average by sport.
    2. Current APR Status/Issues - currently, only two sports are below 900 (Women's Track and Women's Indoor Track). Target score is 925. Men's Basketball was first on and first off of the APR list.
    3. Overview of Academic Services and Resources - instituted class checks for at risk athletes. Study hall.
    4. Additional Academic Issues - student athletes perform higher academically than the typical student at MSU, although this is not at the case at many universities.
  9. Student-Athlete Welfare Issues - Travis Pickering

    1. Overview of Academic Mentoring Program - decrease in the number of student athletes participating as they no longer seem to need the program.
    2. Additional Issues - doing class attendance checks for baseball, football and soccer players. Bruce Hamilton, a motivational speaker, talked to the student athletes, and the next speaker will be someone to address social media responsibility.
    3. SAAC Report - Zach Saucier. Each sport has two representatives on the committee that meets every two weeks. Involved with student athlete concerns and have been involved with community service (logged 2000 hours of community service in four events). Discussed social media issues and are currently looking for someone to speak to the student athletes. Working with Special Olympics in April. Considering hosting a washers tournament for MU students with the intent of getting MSU students more involved in attending athletic events and knowing the athletes. Would like to host a fun night for the student athletes in Parra Ballroom. Student athletes are now an official group of SGA.
  10. Subcommittee Reports - None

    1. Academic Integrity
    2. Governance/Compliance
    3. Equity/Student-Athlete Welfare/Sportsmanship
  11. Old Business

    1. Follow-up on April 2010 Academic Services for Student Athletes Report - five recommendations have been instituted. Process has changed from every three years to every four years.
  12. New Business

    1. Will have to create a new equity plan by the end of the semester.
    2. Orientation for the October 2014 certification process.
  13. Adjournment

Next meeting:  Fall, 2010 Time and location TBA.

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